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Rocko F. Transcended (Team)

Name: Rocko F. (Flanell) Transcended
here you can read all articles written by Rocko F. Transcended

Where from:
Born and raised in Gelsenkirchen, living in Duisburg

Music, Guitars, Recording, Videogames, DSA (Pen&Paper), my dog Schroeder


(How) do I know fellow authors from Team Transcended?:
I don’t know them, there was a concert in Essen i went to, a friend of mine was there to, he brought some other guys, and suddenly I had to write a review… 😉

Why do I want to write about music?:
I love music, I love writing, so it’s great to combine these aspects

First concert ever?:
Smashing Pumpkins – Arena Oberhausen (2000)

3 best concert impressions:

The Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax)
@Arena auf Schalke 2011

Eric Fish
@Christuskirche, Bochum 2012

Hell Over Hammaburg Festival
@Markthalle Hamburg 2019

Concerts you missed (and you’re mad about it!):
Hällas 2019 Turock, i got ill
Culthe Fest 2019, i got a bill

Bands you (still) need to see (again):
Depeche Mode, ASP

First album I bought:
Haddaway – Haddaway (1993)

First vinyl I bought:
AC/DC – Back in Black bought in 2017

Most frequently spinned album:
Dornenreich – Her Von Welken Nächten

Albums that impacted me the most:
Dornenreich – Her Von Welken Nächten
Marylin Manson – Antichrist Superstar
Subway to Sally – Schrei(!) Live

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