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Head in a Jar – Suburban Witchcraft (Review)

Band:Head in a Jar
Album:Suburban Witchcraft
Genre:Thrash Metal / Crossover
Country:Sydney, Australia
Release Date:3rd of September, 2021
Released via:Self-Released
Coverart:Andrei Bouzikov

Thrash Madness again straight from Sydney

Head in a Jar already released their EP Free from the Fridge in 2021, that was a whole big bunch of really good entertainment of humorous and insane Thrash Metal! Surprisingly, they continued their crazy path the same year again to bring you this cool new EP Suburban Witchcraft.

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Get a piece of that delicious feast that Head in a Jar offers you. 100% Thrash quality from Autralia.

Head in a Jar has this specific style that catches you immediatly with their memorable riffs that get stuck in your ears. Their funny and bizarre way is uncompromised and the lyrics are so funny yet explicit in their message.

Feel free to taste these 10 minutes of entertainment, you will surely not regret it. Every song has its own touch to make you a little more smile on your face while headbanging.

With this EP, Head in a Jar proves their seemingly infinite creativity and passion to do what they want with a power to make it sound unbelievably consistent. Beginnig with “Fatal Error”, Head in a Jar enters the stage and immediatly smashes everything. Speedy riffs, drums under barrage, a bassist nearly escalating completly with his part to get off with a great start. Unbelievable how the band skilfully grabs your attention, saying “we are godamn here, take our blast!”The middlepart convinces completly with a crowning conclusion that can be swallowed down like a juicy piece of greasy pizza! “Selfcare Despair” is another tasty piece of excellent Crossover Thrash where immediatly every muscle in your neck gets activated. This track hits me the most, their crazy talented way to switch from hard harsh riffs with melodic passages to Hardcore influenced breaks gives me crazy chills during the whole track. The gangshouts are perfectly pointed out and the pressure will be mantained steady and strong. A thrashy earworm!

Why trying to explain Head in a Jar… watch this video!

Finally, their EP-titled track “Suburband Witchcraft” rips everything off that was on your greasy pizza and smashes you with aggressive shouts, shredding riffs and amazing blasting drumplay to freakin hell. That groovy beginning riff followed by that explosive drop threw all of my expetations over the top. Is it that cheesy intro that gets surprised with that energetic start, or the midpart which is filled with a fantastic guitar solo and a built-in skit that gets me permanently hooked? Who knows, this band just rips!

Get their EP “Suburban Witchcraft” and support these crazy guys working for nearly over 10 years on finest funny and shredding Australian Crossover Thrash to get much more of this delicous feasts of pizza, beer and Thrash!

Favorite Track:
Self-Care Despair – “Bluuurgh”

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