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Guineapig – Parasite (Review)

guineapig - parasite
Genre:Grindcore / Goregrind
Release Date:10th of June, 2022
Released viaSpikerot Records
Cover ArtworkFabio Timpanaro

The cover of this release by Guineapig is a beautiful clean white with an almagamation in grey shades of what is waiting for you inside. There is much to find and each element is represantative of the songs.

But what you get inside is in hard contrast to the clean cover. This is some real hard-hitting, fast Goregrind that goes down to midtempo at its slowest at a few points. It’s a beautifully dirty sound that hits really heavy and perfectly encapsulates the themes of the album of infection and bizzare bodyhorror. It’s main drive are the fast, tight, hard-hitting drums. Their constant high tempo pressure only slows down for some groove passages.

Then these guitars really carry on so you can enjoy its dragging grooviness. If not in these, they are heavy as fuck and pushing forward like a train. The overall downtuned, heavy sound only breaks up during some playful elements that give Parasite a unique twist, which never overstay their welcome. The vocals switch between a gnarly howling to ultra deep-shifted gurgling. The high production value doesn’t hurt the sound and its dirty filthiness, so you can enjoy every facette of it.

This completes the whole package into a real banger that brings you right into the dance mood. The last track is a real surprise, that I don’t want to spoil, but have to mention. Overall, Parasite feels like the natural evolution of their previous work Bacteria. So if you liked that you need to get this one.

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