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Cosmic Axe – Demo MMCXXIII (Review)

Bands: Cosmic Axe
Release: Demo MMCXXIII
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany (Leipzig)
Release Date:10th of March, 2023
Released viaSelf-Relased
Cover ArtworkCosmic Axe

Recently, the first demo of Leipzig-based Cosmic Axe fluttered into my library and after the first listen I thought to myself: Demo or not, demo alright and shit, but a better production would have been really great here. Hence, potential is given away unfortunately, which could clearly have caused more attention. So far the sound is often still quite washed-out and not as powerful as it could be. Well, let’s forget it, a demo is allowed to have a demo character.

Musically, good approaches are shown already, but many parts seem a bit bumpy together. I like the riffs mostly very much, the drumming could be a bit more dynamic and could use some cheeky fills and the vocals are expandable, but quite ambitious. Often Cosmic Axe reminds of the little brother of Dethroned, with less Death Metal and more Sludge and Stoner, but of course Hardcore as the most important foundation.

But what gives the whole demo its special charm is the good old “let’s-found-a-band” charm that is conveyed at every second. You immediately get the feeling of being in a stinky, beer-soaked rehearsal room where you’ve been making music all weekend. Youth, after all, we’ve all been there <3

For that alone, there’s a clear recommendation if you can spare the ten minutes. Otherwise, I advise Cosmic Axe to take some money for a studio session in the future; then you no longer think of rehearsal rooms, but clubs with blood and sweat and sticky floors.

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