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Where from:
Born in Southern Germany – Now living in Gelsenkirchen

Apart from listening to music, I also like to play music, record music or watch the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL.

Editor, administrator and author at Transcended Music Blog

(How) do I know fellow authors from Team Transcended?
Surprise – I know all of them! I got to know Steven from my cousin when I was about 15 years old and we went to a Slayer / In Flames / Children of Bodom (Unholy Alliance) concert in Stuttgart (first concert without chaperone, yay) and then our paths crossed several times.

I used to work as a tuition teacher for I don’t know how many subjects a few years ago while I was studying. There was this nice teacher who also introduced me to the work at that location. At one point she told me (when I was wearing a Converge Shirt) “This is weird, I only know this shirt from my husband.” After that she introduced me to her husband and I fell in love with Thomas.

I recently went to a concert predominantly because of Wormrot (and Misery Index) with Thomas Transcended. He also asked a friend to join the show and while the bands were playing I got to talk to that guy, who was very eager to write about music. This was how I met Rocko, the Writing-Machine-Gun.

Some years ago my girlfriend introduced me to a friend of hers and her back-then-boyfriend. In the beginning, I felt like I was overflooding that guy when talking about music, because I was talking like a waterfall and he always just kindly agreed with everything I said. Some time later I found out that he actually started listening to a whole lot of bands I recommended and we got to talk way more about music – because he was in love with music as much as I am. This was pretty much how I got to know Maik.

Why do I want to write about music?
I listen to so much music and when I came up with the idea for this blog, I originally thought that a page like this would lead to getting to know even more bands and genres and musical knowledge than before. So far – I was right.

First concert ever:
This was a Christmas present from my sister – Die Ärzte 2004 in Ulm and it was amazing.

3 best concert impressions:
1) Downfall of Gaia@AZ Mülheim 2013
In 2013, there was a concert with some nice bands at AZ Mülheim (if you don’t know that location, you missed something). Because of a Hierophant / Xibalba show the week before, I caught a decent tinnitus. At the beginning, I stayed outside of the stage location, but when they started playing “These wet feathers…” (one of the best intros ever) I gave a shit about my ears, went in and fucked up my ears for a few weeks – totally worth it.

2) More Than Life@Essigfabrik, Cologne 2013
I did not know More Than Life at that point and went to that show because of Being as an Ocean (yes I know – the hype was big – I jumped on it – blah blah blah). But – when More Than Life started playing, the crowd just went crazy and they ripped the entire stage apart. After their show, I no longer cared about BAAO (although they’re still an enjoyable band.

3) Gone to Waste (Final Show)@Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen 2017
I caught a lot of punches and kicks at shows – but this was the show I got my nose broken for the first time – and yet it still was one of the best shows ever. After having heard that awesome Slime cover Soulground played, GTW just fuckin ruined the stage at that gig (you can watch it on Youtube). This was by far the best Hardcore show I have ever seen in my life.

Concerts you missed (and you’re mad about it!)
1) Nails@Bahnhof Langendreer, Bochum in 2015
It was, on the one hand, one possibility to see Nails live on stage and on the other hand it was a chance to see Todd Jones play with his former band mates in Terror. But unfortunately – there was I don’t know what exam at university, so, yes, you know.

2) Converge + Trap Them@Essigfabrik, Cologne in 2015
I probably don’t even need to talk about why I’m mad I missed this concert. Especially nowadays because of having missed Trap Them playing live, I will always be mad at myself for having missed this concert.

Bands you (still) need to see (again)
First of all and foremost – Converge! Luckily, this is going to be changed in July when they are going to play in Cologne.
I still dream of being able to see Tom Waits live on stage – but that is probably not gonna happen.

First album I bought
This must have been Korn’s Untouchables in 2002 – the first band that was kind of Metal-ish and got me going with that genre.

First vinyl I bought
This was a record by German Oi-Punk band Stomper 98 called “Jetzt erst recht!” (Now more than ever).

Most precious album (on vinyl) I own
Grading by value this is most probably my premium edition of Döll’s “Nie oder jetzt” (Now or never) that dropped in January this year (2019).
However – for myself the most valuable album I own is Touché Amoré‘s tour edition of “Parting the Sea between Brightness and Me” with a front cover drawn by Converge’s Jacob Bannon.

Most frequently spinned album
As a matter of fact (and I don’t know why) the album that spinned the most on my record player is Arctic Monkey’s “Whatever People Say that’s what I’m not” – which is a great album, though !

Albums that impacted me the most
This is a tough one – haters gonna hate – but that was probably Slipknot’s Iowa (I’m 30 years old, I experienced the Nu Metal hype #notproud). However – this album got me going with harder and faster music and raised my interest in other bands. After that I guess it was Graveyard Classics by Six Feet Under (also not proud) that introduced me to Death Metal, since I was a huge AC/DC fan at that time and liked the TNT cover.

Roman Transcended Playlist
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