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Where from:
Born in Herne, raised in Gelsenkirchen and now living in Herten

Listening to music (A LOT), playing board and card games with my children, attending to concerts


(How) do I know fellow authors from TeamTranscended?:
My wife introduced Roman kind of “blind-date” like to me. She said that there was a guy at work who listened to the same strange stuff like I do. So we traded USB-sticks and that was the begin of a musical bromance…

Why do I want to write about music:
Music is my passion, I talk about it very often and writing about it feels like a natural progression.

First concert ever?
Smashing Pumpkins – Arena Oberhausen (2000), it was their final tour (at that time) and the setlist

3 best concert impressions:
Envy@Gebäude 9, Cologne

The great wall of Asian sound
The Chariot@Café Nova, Essen
Chaotic hardcore in a small space, it can’t get any better
Oathbreaker@Visions, Dortmund
I won tickets for a special show in the bureaus of the Visions Mag and on top of it, Birds in Row were the openers

Concerts you missed (and you’re very mad about!):
Poison the Well (a FREE show in Münster 🙁 )

Bands you (still) need to see (again):
Nine Inch Nails
Modern Life is War
Code Orange

First albumI bought:
Inner Circle: Bad to the bone (it was a gift to be honest, but the album is still cool)

First Vinyl I bought:
Blacklisted: No one deserves to be here more than me
(green-orange pressing)

Most frequently spinned album (this year):
Downfall of Gaia
Ethic of Radical Finitude

Albums that impacted me the most:
Depeche Mode: Ultra
Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
Converge: You Fail Me

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