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Where from:
Born in Herne, raised in Gelsenkirchen and now living in Herten

Listening to music (A LOT), playing board and card games with my children, attending to concerts

Editor, administrator and author.

(How) do I know fellow authors from TeamTranscended?:
My wife introduced Roman kind of “blind-date” like to me. She said that there was a guy at work who listened to the same strange stuff like I do. So we traded USB-sticks and that was the begin of a musical bromance…

Why do I want to write about music:
Music is my passion, I talk about it very often and writing about it feels like a natural progression.

First concert ever?
Smashing Pumpkins – Arena Oberhausen (2000), it was their final tour (at that time) and the setlist

3 best concert impressions:
Envy@Gebäude 9, Cologne

The great wall of Asian sound
The Chariot@Café Nova, Essen
Chaotic hardcore in a small space, it can’t get any better
Oathbreaker@Visions, Dortmund
I won tickets for a special show in the bureaus of the Visions Mag and on top of it, Birds in Row were the openers

Concerts you missed (and you’re very mad about!):
Poison the Well (a FREE show in Münster 🙁 )

Bands you (still) need to see (again):
Nine Inch Nails
Modern Life is War
Code Orange

First albumI bought:
Inner Circle: Bad to the bone (it was a gift to be honest, but the album is still cool)

First Vinyl I bought:
Blacklisted: No one deserves to be here more than me
(green-orange pressing)

Most frequently spinned album (this year):
Downfall of Gaia
Ethic of Radical Finitude

Albums that impacted me the most:
Depeche Mode: Ultra
Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
Converge: You Fail Me

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  1. Hello Thomas!

    My name is Josh Pace – I’m the Vocalist & Lyricist of Nonviable – an Online Downtempo Deathcore Project that I created in 2019. My 3rd & 4th Full-Length Albums, ‘Liberation’ & ‘Warmonger’, both released back on June 2nd, 2023.

    My 5th Full-Length Album is currently In Development. It will be 15 Tracks long, and will release on June 5th, 2026.

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