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Where from:
Lake of Constanze

Gaming, Nerdstuff, Movies and Series (sometimes writing GER/ENG reviews on letterboxd), reading books, Whisky! watching sports, mainly Football and American Football


(How) do I know fellow authors from Team Transcended?
I don’t know exactly when I met Roman, but it was because we share some friends, that’s where we met the first time. Then we lost contact over a few years (but Facebook never forgets) and we sometimes talked about good music what we share there.

Why do I want to write about music:
Roman asked me if I wanted to try. I want to give it a shot, I write reviews on letterboxd and I am an active member of some subreddits.

First concert ever?
Technically: Arena of Sound in Stuttgart in the early 2000’s. I visited my cousin and because this festival was free we watched some acts. It was pure horror.

After that, it must have been JBO in Lindau.

3 best concert impressions:
1) Skalmöld 2017 Vaudeville – I like this band very much, good stage presence and after that I drank some beer with them at the bar.

2) Gloryhammer 2018 Headbangers Night Schmalegg

3) I don’t know why, but a gig from an Italian Rammstein Coverband, I think it was “Übermensch”, at a big MC-Party and it was very impressive for me. They tried to achive the typical Rammstein-Stuff on a low budget level, and on this day the Suisse-custom-officers took away all their fireworks on the way to the party, but the effort was impressive and the music very good.

Concerts you missed (and you’re very mad about!):
Mantar 2018 Kula Konstanz – Whyyyyyy did I miss that…..

Kettcar 2018 Kultursommer-Festival Conrad Sohm Dornbirn

Ahab 2010 Summer Breeze

Bands you (still) need to see (again):
Mantar, I want to see and feel the power of that band live. Definitely Kettcar, Brutus, Cult of Luna and Gloryhammer (again).

First album I bought:
Linkin ParkMeteora

First vinyl I bought:
AC/DCBack in Black

Most frequently spinned album:
Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Albums that impacted me the most:
Linkin ParkMeteora
The first “Metal” album I bought that influenced me, with Rammstein, most effectively for this genre. With Minutes to Midnight I wasn’t a fan of this band anymore, but I must thank them a lot and of course Chester (R.I.P.). For me, this is an all-time classic album.

RammsteinReise, Reise
Next to Meteora the album that influenced me the most.

Heaven Shall BurnInvictus (Iconoclast III)

Cult of Luna & Julie ChristmasMariner

KettcarDu und wieviele deiner Freunde

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