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Where from:
Lake Constance region, currently living in Munich

Pretending, that I will muck out some old stuff after my next vinyl purchase/ looking for some more time slots to read/ attending ice hockey matches/ a little bit of video gaming here and there/ various sports

Author and Co-Editor at Transcended Music Blog

(How) do I know fellow authors from Team Transcended?
I got in touch with Roman about 15 years ago, when a friend of mine, Roman’s cousin, introduced me to him. From then on we met each other on concerts and other spots around our area. Basically we had been around in the same “scene”, if you want to call it like this. Due to the shared love for music we stayed in touch as years went by, although the centre of our lives shifted into completely different directions.

Why do I want to write about music?
Want to write about music? Roman made me do it!

First concert ever:
That’s a tough one! As an alternative I want to mention my first attendance at Wacken Open Air in 2002. This experience definetly had a lasting effect on my musical preferences. I was literally overwhelmed by the festival’s insane but always peaceful athmosphere and, of course, the great bands on the billing. We travelled to Wacken by the legendary metal train from Stuttgart and what shall I say…we did not expect the party beeing that hard!

3 best concert impressions:
Amenra – most athmosperically intense live expericence I ever had!
The Dillinger Escape Plan – ridiculously insane live band!
The Black Dahlia Murder – Death Metal never has been so much fun!

Concerts you missed (and you’re mad about it!)
Every year’s Roadburn Festival (NL)! Any ideas how to get an affordable place to sleep there?

Bands you (still) need to see (again)
I couldn’t manage to see Neurosis a single time yet. This is definetly on the top spot on my to-do list.

First album/ vinyl I bought
I can’t remember the first album I bought, but the first records I got were AC/DC’s High Voltage on cassette, Painkiller by Judas Priest and Live Killers by Queen, both on vinyl. Thanks Mom!

Most precious album (on vinyl) I own
I own a copy of each vinyl pressing of Converge’s Jane Live which was performed and recorded at Roadburn Festival 2016. The classical artwork of Jane Doe was reinterpreted by several artists for the strictly limited editions of this masterpiece (John Baizley, Florian Bertmer, Randy Ortiz, Thomas Hopper, Ashley Rose Couture). Apart from the covers, the vinyl color of each pressing is unique as well.

Most frequently spinned album
The Red Album by Baroness

Albums that impacted me the most
Blood Mountain by Mastodon
Left Hand Path by Entombed
Miss Machine by The Dillinger Escape Plan
Oceanic by Isis
Jane Doe by Converge
and many more…

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