What is TMB?

Who is Transcended Music Blog?

In the beginning of 2019, Roman came up with the idea to begin writing about music primarily to influence his musical consumption and broaden the taste in music with regards to whatever genre might come up. Shortly thereafter, Steven got interested and joined the team even before the page was uploaded – so they exchanged a lot about what the page would look like and decided to get together with more friends that grew interested in the idea of this blog.

This leads to one of the key factors of this blog. The entire Team TMB consists of friends who often meet – listen to and talk about music – go to concerts – discuss their latest vinyl collection adds. We are just a bunch of friends who expanded the idea of talking about music and put our passion for music into this blog.

What does TMB cover?

The main focus – as can be seen when taking a look into our review section – lies on heavy and fast music, predominantly coming from Punk / Hardcore / Metal, since this is the common ground between all authors. Nevertheless, TMB also puts a lot of emphasis on the author as a person, since we all know each other and are good friends. Thus, every author here also brings a personal taste in music that goes further than our common ground. This means that there can also be reviews from genres that are not within the range of music mentioned above but lie within the taste of one of our authors.

Genres we all cover (quick overview) :
Punk / Post Punk / Black Metal / Post-Black Metal / Death Metal / Crust / Grindcore / Powerviolence / Thrash Metal / Power Metal / Folk Metal / Hardcore / Post Hardcore.

Time span the album has to remain within:
Since it is absolutely difficult to review anything that came out whatever when – we are primarily interested in releases that came out within the last three months or (of course) if the release is up in the future. However, every author can decide to write about anything that was released within the same year, which serves as the ultimate threshold.

How can I contact TMB?

  1. E-Mail: You can send a mail directly to our Team TMB.
  2. If you are interested in sending us promo material, please send to the following address:
    Roman Gugler, Scheideweg 116, 45966 Gladbeck

What does TMB not cover?

We at TMB only have a major problem with blatantly discriminating music, which means that we will not cover any band or album that openly propagates racism / fascism / sexism / homophobia or any other of that bullshit crap. As long as none of that is contained in the music (or in the intention of the band), we are absolutely interested in listening to whatever will find its way to our blog.