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TMB Release Highlights March 2020

– 6th of March, 2020 –

Disembowel – Echoes of Terror

(Maggot Stomp)


It is no secret that Maggot Stomp has become one of the first labels I look for when I am in need for some new rotten Death Metal sound – after having released the notorious demo tapes by bands such as Sanguisugabogg, Frozen Soul or Malignant Altar. Hence – this release by Disembowel has become mandatory.

– 13th of March, 2020 –

Code Orange – Underneath

(Roadrunner Records)


 I‘ve known them since they were kids and they are still growing.

Skin Ticket – Pure Fucking Chaos

(Lower Class Kids Records)


Just a month ago I took a closer look at the label Lower Class Kids Records – and immediately found out about this crazy record. Although the music itself was released already, this will be the release of the LCKR tape version – this is a wild mixture of downtempo Powerviolence and Death Metal.

Hubris. – Metempsychosis

(Art As Catharsis Records)


Post-Rock meets Greek mythology, a combination that sounds interesting and seems to fit well. The story of a mythological figure told by guitars and drums – they have my curiosity.

– 16th of March –

Hyperdontia – Excreted from the Flesh

(Me Saco Un Ojo Records – Extremely Rotten Productions)


The debut album release by this Danish / Turkish Death Metal combination was an absolute blast and caught me immediately when listening to it for the first time. Extremely rotten and disgusting Death Metal nuanced by subtle melodies at peak level.

– 20th of March –

Heaven Shall Burn – Of Truth and Sacrifice

(Century Media)


 Still the best German Metalcore band – always deliver the goods.

Ruinas – Ikonoklasta

(Spikerot Records)


Deathgrind itself is already quite nasty – it gets even nastier when the lyrics are written in Spanish.

Continuum of Xul – MMXIX

(Dismal Fate Records)


Dismal Fate Records has been on my radar for some time already now – but DAMN this shit is NASTY – get your hands on this tape of Continuum of Xul if possible!

-27th of March –

Brian Fallon – Local Honey

(Lesser Known Records)


Still no gaslight anthem on the horizon, so i‘m hoping he‘ll patch me up.

Crypt Dagger – From Below (MLP)

(Dying Victims Productions)


Recently, a lot of releases coming from the Black and Thrash mixture came up and I slowly started to get interested in this blending. Crypt Dagger is a promising release that has already been praised a lot of times – I will keep an eye on this one.

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