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Where from:
Born in Gelsenkirchen / living in Gelsenkirchen

Sex, drugs and Metal, soccer, squashing, writing, extreme couching, gaming (PS4) – just take the life as it comes πŸ™‚

Author at Transcended Music Blog

(How) do I know fellow authors from Team Transcended?
Roman brought me here, our girlfriends are good friends, now we’re too.
While talking with Roman about many bands, the fire in my fingers started
to burn and I’m finally here now πŸ˜€

Why do I want to write about music?
After many many moments in my life, I started to realize that Metal has become my steady companion and checkpoint to get my wild temper down to earth. An inner passion, formed out while talking to Roman at some (alcoholicious) dinners. Roman showed me his friends and his blog, leaving me fascinated about their passion in confronting, tasting, talking and discussing different bands,drummer vocalists, guitarist, bassists, concerts, labels, vinyl (and so on). Finally trying out and listening into the first promo, my thoughts and feelings flew through my fingers and I began to write. My ambition is to deliver you hot new (and old) bands that will ignite the very same fire in you that ignited in me πŸ˜‰

First concert ever:
Sum41 – Palladium Cologne – 2007

3 best concert impressions:
1) Morrissay@Colloseum Theather, Essen (2014)
Morrissay is truly iconic, what more to say?

2) Exodus@Hardrock Festival, Gelsenkirchen (2007)
Dude, just jumped from a 25m bridge while Exodus were playing! Truly a thrashful moment!

3) Bilderbuch@Turbinenhalle Halle 2, Oberhausen (2019)
Best Indie-Pop group from Austria, just love their vibe!

Concerts you missed (and you’re mad about it!)
1) Any ACDC concert, my Dad just had seen in his lifetime x.x

2) All Shall Perish on any concert, just to see Eddie Hermida in his best phase with a very destructive band – marked a changing phase in my life!

3) Parkway Drive – I was a poor man… πŸ˜€ rly wish I could see them!!!

Bands you (still) need to see (again)

more coming πŸ˜€

First album I bought
Ektomorf – Outcast (2004)

First vinyl I bought
A best of Bob Marley vinyl – together with my GF in 2014

Most precious album (on vinyl) I own
Havok – “V” now 2020

Most frequently spinned album
Ektomorf – Outcast / Hell yeah!

Albums that impacted me the most
ACDC – Ballbreaker, my father gave me my first CD. Everything changed!

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