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rhubiqs – Migratory Paths (Review)

Artist: rhubiqs
Album: Migratory Paths
Genre: Post-Rock, Ambient
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 1st of May, 2020
Cover Artwork © rhubiqs

With Migratory Paths, Tom Squires released a lovely and peaceful debut album that I liked very much and that has a song that I think will get a safe spot on my Post-Rock rotation playlist.

The first song “Migratory Paths” comes along very gently and quietly and nicely arranged with different instruments, for example a xylophone sound, which blends in wonderfully. Calm riffs that metaphorically remind me of a small stream in the woods whose sound flows through your ears. With the second song “Falling”, a cover of Julee Cruise’s song “Falling” from the OST of Twin Peaks, Tom Squires repeats the vibe opened up on the first song, this time with more frontal sounds, though, that are not less playful, explosively-ending and let you nod your head a little.

“Anniversary” enriches the sound of the album again a little. More guitar riffs achieve a more soothing space in my ears that go on with every second, but at some time it sounds slightly repetitive which is only pierced with an direct and louder ending. The fourth song “Submurgh Head” is my highlight of the album. It reminds me of the soundtracks of famous science fiction movies like Interstellar, Ad Astra and 2001, which also get their quality from the use of excellent music. This song does not have to shy away from this comparsion, I instantly had a kind of picture in my head that I know from these kinds of movies. It’s a very playful and dreamy song that lets you feel pleasant loneliness and emptiness that act on you. The last song “The Beacon” is an overall summary of the pros and cons of this album. It citates the qualities very much, like a good use of single instruments and sound, but also sometimes the repetitive parts that shove you out.

Overall, it’s not a typical Post-Rock album – it has more of this ambient and electronical parts. I must say, though, that it has its qualities that everyone is into who likes this kind of Post-Rock and ambient music. In a genre that sometimes feels as if it’s very repetitive, it achieves at some points a unique way to create this kind of music. For me, I missed more harder parts that put in breaks to a sometimes-monotone sound ambiennce and which is kind of normal in this genre, but this point distinguishes between many bands and musicians and those who are still on their way. With Migratory Paths Tom Squires sets a starting debut to the upper class.

Favourite Tracks:

“Submurgh Head” – this song gets definitely a safe spot on one or two of my playlists .



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