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Jesus Wept – Apartheid Redux (Recommendation)

Band: Jesus Wept
Album:  Apartheid Redux
Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore
Country: USA
Release date: 21st of August 2020
Released via: Redefining Darkness Records
Cover Artwork © Redefining Darkness Records

One of the upcoming releases of Redefining Darkness Records, more precisely Apartheid Redux, by Jesus Wept, was advertised in a promomail as “Next Generation Carcass” and thus got my attention. The longplayer is a compilation consisting of the four songs of the debut EP, remixed, two new tracks and a W.A.S.P. cover.

The band from Detroit, of which according to METAL-ARCHIVES at least one member of the band is also active in Sunlights Bane, has, however, with their hardcore Death’n’Roll, rather settled for a wicked late eighties Westcoast setting. Once really submerged, you don’t want to get away from this making the music actually the perfect soundtrack to go crazy on GTA San Andreas.

As already mentioned, the longplayer is compiled of musical works of the different band eras. While the first four songs, which were already on the debut EP, but have been re-recorded and remixed for the record, inspire with super groovy Death’n’Roll, the two new songs go more in the direction of Metallic Hardcore, which becomes clear in hard breaks and various two-step parts. You notice that the sound moves away from the melodic Swedish HM2 sound and turns more into hardcore Death Metal and you can feel a Sworn Enemy vibe especially thanks to the nasty vocals.

A special highlight on really every track is the great, versatile guitar playing, which not only pulls off famous HM2, but also adds many catchy melodies to the riffs reminding of Twitching Tounges. The partly siren-like sound absolutely picks up and then somehow shows that the band comes from the desolate car metropolis Detroit and not from LA., although one could actually suspect that in many places.
Furthermore the combo throws dreamy riffing into the room, which reminds of old Suicidal Tendencies songs and makes the announced Westcoast feeling present.
As a little bonus, Jesus Wept present with “Animal” a very solid W.A.S.P. cover, which also fits the intended setting very well and will surely taste as good to the one or the other as the original.

Apartheid Redux will be available as CD version from 21.8.2008 via Redefining Darkness Records. If, when and how you can expect other formats remains to be seen. Jesus Wept definitely have the quality for a vinyl, but maybe the one or other label would rather wait until the band has recorded an album with exclusively new songs.

But if you want to get a first impression of “LA-Noir Carcass-core” from Detroit, this compilation is the perfect record, because you can follow the musical development of Jesus Wept while listening to it. For fans of Gatecreeper, Creeping Death and co this release is a must have, but thanks to its groove it might turn out to be just as interesting for die-hard Metallic Hardcore lovers.

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