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TMB Release Highlights August 2020

– 7th of August, 2020 –

Terminal Nation – Holocene Extinction

(20 Buck Spin)


Y’all ever wanted to get the political agenda you agree with repeatedly punched into your face at full force? Then get right into this nasty beast of a release!

– 14th of August, 2020 –

Primitive Man – Immersion

(Relapse Records)


Can’t wait to get crushed again by this mighty band!

– 21st of August, 2020 –

Blues Pills – Holy Moly

(Nuclear Blast Records)


Blues Pills is a band that successfully brings back old school music to the menu on playlists and different festivals. They always present clear and fresh riffs and vocals for sounds that could seem to be very old in your ears. With their third studio album they will prove that again, that’s what the pre-releases have shown us.

Expander – Neuropunk Boostergang

(Profound Lore Records)


Futuristic, post-apocalyptic thrash punk something with serrated edges, prepare your ears!

– 28th of August, 2020 –

Callejon – Metropolis

(Warner Music)


Callejon is, maybe close to Heaven Shall Burn, the most successful and important Metalcore band in Germany. In the past few years, they gained more recognition for their two cover albums of songs with German lyrics from varying genres. Their last completely self-produced album “Fandigo” was too“soft” for me. At that time, they often lacked a proper sound and vocal mix, which weakened the experience with the songs pretty much. With “Metropolis” it seems as if they are going back to the roots two years before their 20th anniversary. A big name in pop culture for an album, I hope they can deliver.

Metallica – S&M²

(EMI Music)


I would say that with their first S&M from 1999, Metallica did something great. The combination of classical music and Thrash Metal fitted for the most songs pretty well. I think this album and the single version of Nothing Else Matters was a big impact for the band, which opens the gate for a rather more mainstream follower. But that doesn’t hurt the quality of the album itself, I am curious what they sound like in 2020. To be fair, in my opinion the time to shine for Metallica has been over since S&M.

PVRIS – Use Me

(Warner Music)


I have a weakness for bands like PVRIS and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the different way to interpret typical Hard-Rock/Post-Rock elements with mainstream Pop elements to create something new which stands out from other artists. The pre release single “Gimme A Minute” made me curious.

Ulver – Flowers of Evil

(House of Mythology)


From Black Metal to – in my opinion – one of the best Pop music bands nowadays existing and shamefully ignored by many pop fans and the general attention. For a Metal fan that listens to Ulver for the first time, it is like a culture shock, but you can hear that they never lost their darker roots. I am sure that Ulver will raise the bar for the state of Pop music with Flowers of Evil.

Spook the Horses – Empty Body

(Pelagic Records)


Another great band I recently discovered within the Pelagic Records Family. Spook The Horses from Wellington (New Zealand) play a unique blend of atmospheric Post-Rock and Post-Metal and after the more quiet last record “People Used to Live Here” the volume will be turned all the way up again!

Cavern – Powdered



Dreamy stuff produced by Kurt Ballou?
Count me in!

GUTVOID – Astral Bestiary

(Blood Harvest Records)


Absolutey versatile and savage Death Metal progressing from groovy Death Metal towards gloomy Death Doom.

Frostvore – Drowned by Blood

(Testimony Records)


Just throw a goddamn HM-2 distortion over this filthy album cover and you know already what’s gonna come!

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