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Demolizer – Thrashmageddon (Review)

Artist: Demolizer
Album:  Thrashmageddon
Genre:  Thrash Metal
Country:  Denmark
Release Date:  11th of September 2020
Released via Mighty Music
Cover Artwork © Mighty Music, 2020

Get ready for another banger! Demolizer is directly riding to us on a Danish tank called Thrashmageddon. Going straight into our ears and fully ammonished with crushing hardhitting thrash powerness, they will conquer every Thrash playlist with a speed as fast as their music!

Damn! Those guys from Copenhagen, Denmark are a great surprise in opinion, because these talented musicians formed Demolizer in 2014, but since 2018 they have been rushing through the Thrash world with an energy, aggression and speed similar to Exodus and Slayer did it in their good old times before. Thrashmageddon is a great addiction to the fresh new wind Thrash Metal is blowing through our ears in 2020.

Listening to Demolizer got me right from the first second, that purified energy and aggression reminds me of my younger years so hard hearing Exodus and Slayer while skating through the streets or burnig some trash in a wood while smoking stolen cigarettes and drinking the cheapest beer we found. This was such a great time and I had that same feeling till the last song till Thrashmageddon ended. Mighty Music made a really fantastic decision to catch Demolizer and get them under contract. Those guys successfully show us their thrashy, speedy and fully exploding potential! Lasse Ballade (Konvent, Solbrud) eventually turned it into an absolute banger and gave it the last cut. Amazing work!

Beginning with “Copenhagen Burning,” this band prepares us with a long, strechted intro working with some nice dark riffs of Polle and Aria, accompanied by the drumming of Max rising until a final silence that goes straight under your skin, Demolizer bombs it away! The riffs and the shredding combined with that loud, nasty voice of Polle after that intro blowed me away and they hold that energy and speed during the whole mid-part which just infected me to stand up and crush something useless just for fucking fun! Love it, this is rage, pure power, a very speedy thrash song, the ending slows me a bit to cool down and listen to that nice bassplay of Bjørn together with the guitarist, before the great final cools me down. Bombastic!

“Cancer In The Brain” got me with that very remindable riffing of Aria Mobbarez and these lyrics just like the shoutings of Polle presented me a speedy und purely entertaining Thrash longplayer already circling in my personal “good morning middlefinger up” -playlist! 😀 A good addition to that mindblowing start and Max’s remarkable drumplay is fantastic and perfectly drives throughout the whole track. Good job!

With “NTC”, I realized that unbelievable power and anger of Demolizer, this unparallleled energy again shows us how Thrash Metal is evolving all the time and in 2020 this genre hits a new mark in anger and speed with Demolizer. Great pointed gang shouts, nasty shredding riffage and a blasting drumplay are rolling over you like a Thrashmaggedon really should, Devastating! This band has released incredible energies in a very short time and has quickly become professional. Thanks Lasse Ballade!

“Bloodshot Eyes” is another remindable longplayer candidate just like “Cancer in The Brain” and no wonder that Mighty Music has already put these two songs forward to heat us up in advance via Youtube and now I’m on fire! That speedy phase in the midsection passing into a groovy riffing of Polle, Aria and Bjørn together sounds perfectly fitted. “Gore” explodes through your ears for 49 seconds and leaves you with an intense impression of pure brutality. Smashing! Demolizer can also do things differently, give us a round to take a breather with “Until The Day I Die” and builds with skilful riffing, thoughtful lyrics, as well as remarkable interplay to the final ending of this Thrash- “ballad”. I love that intro of “Lost In Torment”, that buildup with Aria’s riffing is fantastic and Max’s power on his drumplay is pushing me awake again. Sorry, no ballads for Tawan, thank you.

“Built On Slavery” turns up and shows us a very allusive, persevering way of playing. Polle’s shouting technics are very appealing and Max’s as well as Aria’s riffage is very skilfully implemented. Great sound. Eventually, “MSW” gives me the kick from the beginning of the album and with the loud “go” of Polle’s voice, a fast, thundering Thrash tank starts towards me and Aria’s riffing gets nastier, faster and this solo, a dream! The transition from solo back to Polle’s voice makes it jump up again. since they were again the brutal Thrash banger from Denmark! This energy, you never get enough and Demolizer gives hope for more in the the near future. I’m already addicted! Thank you, Mighty Music, for getting this great band into my ears and you Demolizer, for making this great music, please thrash on!

8 / 10

Favorite Tracks:
“Copenhagen Burning” – great intro, amazing riffage, fast speed, a thrash- bomb!
“Cancer in the Brain” – can’t stop listening to it every morning on my way to work.

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