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Perfect World – War Culture (Recommendation)

Band: Perfect World
Album: War Culture
Genre: NYHC/Crossover
Country: USA
Release Date: 10th of September, 2020
Released via: LDB Records
Cover Artwork: © LDB Records

With Perfect World I have finally found a hardcore band that manages to combine classic NYHC with modern elements of the genre without neglecting the authenticity of their lyrics. The recently released debut longplayer War Culture is currently the living proof that the streets of the US metropolis can still sound as dangerous in 2020 as they did musically in the early 90s when they were conveyed by long-established scene heroes of the city.

From the very first second the still quite young, five-piece band manages to win the listener with their nasty, metallic sound and thanks to excellent songwriting, which increases during the course of the album, they also completely blow the mind until the end. The aggressively pressed out vocals make sure that the lyrics fit after only a few runs and that you can roar along not only the chorus parts. The whole thing is supported by variedly arranged instrumental parts, where besides furious playing, cymbal drumming, in which one bar is omitted here and there, which can cause tension, especially the nasty melodies are an absolute highlight. Thanks to a slightly dreamy touch, which is otherwise more familiar from crossover bands, everything doesn’t get boring as quickly and has both individuality and high recognition value. Otherwise, the riffing is very hard, metallic and just inimitably cruel.

In addition Perfect World set a high value on their bass playing, which with its distinctive, groovy basslines, always plays itself into the focus and can ring in the one or other side to side part. The distinctly street hardcore sound never gets tired and offers hard mosh parts over and over again until the end, which are often announced with heavy breaks and might cause some outbreaks of violence live. Due to a wonderfully mixed production the sound can unfold perfectly without sounding too clean and neglecting its individual coldness.

War Culture will be released via LDB Records where you can get the record from 2021 on which you should do as a fan of bands like No Warning, Eyes Of The Lord or Death Threat, because Perfect World is serving exactly this kind of hardcore. So if you are looking for a suitable soundtrack for your nightly way home through bad neighborhoods, where you prefer to bare your teeth instead of wandering around dreamily, you will find the right radiation with this record in your ears and at the same time you will be provided with high quality music. For hardcore fans War Culture is an absolute must listen record for this year, without question. Perfect World is definitely one of the bands I have to see live after Corona, if the chance comes up!

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