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Fists Of Fury – New Age of Dread (Recommendation)

Band: Fists Of Fury
Album: New Age Of Dread
Genre: Crossover Hardcore
Country: USA
Release Date: 23th of October, 2020
Released via: Self-Released (Digital)
Cover Artwork: © David Schmid

As a confessing fan of motorcycle riffing and groovy crossover metal, I want to recommend a band to you today, which I already praised with their previous releases through Trvefrykt Zine and which finally released their first longplayer with New Age Of Dread. I’m talking about Fists Of Fury, who are another offshoot of the currently popular sound of Power Trip, Iron Age or Primal Rite. If you like headbanging and moshing while listening to music, you’ll definitly find an adequate tune for it on the Texan’s album.

Fists Of Fury’s extensive riff-worshipping becomes clear without much ado on New Age Of Dread, because there is a lot of wonderfully catchy guitar playing on the album. In addition, there are several metallic whistling melodies, which finally manifest the status of the band in crossover. With well-balanced drumming, which is somewhere between kicking up dirt or dust and groovy hardcore parts, you will get your money’s worth, no matter if you are a Hardcore or Thrash metal fan. In general, the songwriting is quite balanced and produces tracks that are sometimes more Thrash, sometimes more Hardcore, or mix both genres marvelously. There are as many parts in which you want to fight for yourself as there are parts in which you can just headbang and unpack the french fries fork. The vocals on New Age Of Dread are no exception to this and also seem very authentic due to their smoky sound and therefore fit the instrumentals perfectly. Fists Of Fury give their best, but could showa little more individuality in the future for my taste. This’d only be necessary so that they don’t disappear in the long run in the uniform mash of the many current crossover bands, because although the sound ignites properly, you get the feeling that in the end the last piece of the puzzle is still missing here.

So far, New Age Of Dread has only been released digitally through the band itself, but since the presented sound is popular at the moment, it should only be a matter of time before you will be served with physical versions of the album. If you’re into crossover hardcore, you can’t go wrong with Fists Of Fury and their well-balanced songs but you shouldn’t expect too much new elements or musical innovation, as the Texans are increasingly making use of the celebrated elements of larger bands in the genre for worshipping them. Nevertheless, the album is still very enjoyable and delivers riff after riff after riff to which you want easily drink your can of beer or stretch your neck to.

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