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TMB Release Highlights November 2020

– 6th of November –


Sólstafir – Endless Twilight of Codependent Love

(Season of Mist)

This high-quality, but mostly overseen Icelandic Metal band is back


Fleshrot – Promo

(Me Saco un Ojo Records)
(Desert Wasteland Productions)

This date only marks the preorder for this promo that is going to present tracks from the upcoming album “Unburied Corpse.” The last demo was absolutely wild 80s-slasher-infused Death Metal.


Bloodsoaked Necrovoid – Expelled into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable

(Iron Bonehead Productions)

This absolutely rad and disgusting cavernous Death Metal release from Costa Rica marks the full-length debut by Bloodsoaked Necrovoid

– 13th of November –


Of Feather and Bone – Sulfuric Disintegration

(Profound Lore Records)

Death Metal the way it should be played.


AC/DC – Power Up!

(Sony Music)

Same, but different, but still same.


Blood From The Soul – DSM-5

(Deathwish Inc.)

Shane Embury’s (Napalm Death) Industrial Metal project returns 27 years after its debut album, this time with members from Converge, Megadeth and Nasum. Need I say more?

– 20th of November –


Soft Kill – Dead Kids, R.I.P. City

(Cercle Social Records)

The best Depeche Mode opening band they never had.


Concede – Indoctrinate (Physical Release)

(Napalm Records) (Petrichor Records)

Anyone interested in getting themselves beating into a pile of goo? Gracious Powerviolence / Hardcore from Down Under


Hjelvik – Welcome to Hel

(Nuclear Blast)

Former singer of Kvelertak with his new solo project.


Killer Be Killed – Reluctant Hero

(Nuclear Blast)

Three of my favorite musicians in one band? Ridiculously insane line-up!


Liturgy – Origin of the Alimonies


Just one year after the surprise release of “H.A.Q.Q.”, Avantgarde-Black Metal fans are in for another treat from Hunter Hunt-Hendrix infamous band. Love them or hate them, they certainly know how to take Metal to other dimensions.


Tombs – Under Sullen Skies

(Season of Mist)

After teasing new material earlier this year with their “Monarchy of Shadows”-EP, the Brooklyn-based Post-/Black/Sludge Metal masters are back with their first full-length album on Season of Mist. Make sure to give this a spin before you hand in your AOTY-List!


Ilsa – Preyer

(Relapse Records)

After their critically acclaimed last release “Corpse Fortress,” Death Doom Punks Ilsa are back unleashing chaos with their new album.


Bas Rotten – Surge

(MC via Lower Class Kids Records)

Announcing to make mincemeat out of you by quoting Langston Hughes, this release is going to thrash you to the ground.


Spy – Service Weapon

(MC via Lower Class Kids Records)

This filthy release is just damn pissed off.


Fuck the Facts – Pleine Noirceur

(Noise Salvation)

You can never go wrong with a release by Fuck the Facts.

– 27th of November –


Chasm of Aeons (Physical Release)

(Blood Harvest Records)

Having been released already, this incredible 4-track-split is going to see its physical EU release on Blood Harvest this November.

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