Post-Rock, Rock, Shoegaze

Far Away From All of This – Outward Bound (Recommendation)

Band: Far Away From All of This
Album:Outward Bound
Genre:Indie-Rock, Shoegaze
Release Date:21st of September, 2020
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover Artwork ©Far Away From All of This

We are in a time in which we sometimes need some “soul food”. Not only on our plates, but also on our TV screens, on the pages of your books and in our ears as well. Outward Bound by Far Away From All of This is able to take over this role.

Great guitar play that sometimes sounds easy but isn’t because it’s intense. Sometimes it sounds “dirty” and with “mistakes,” like a good but unexperienced college band. I mean that in a positive sense, because it seems to be more intentionally, something between the nostalgic “good old times,” party around a campfire and the first kiss and the feeling of the past. I had this feeling especially with Haven. There is a sympathetic and narrative style of vocals that leads you through the first three songs with short Black Metal sequences, combined with solid Indie-Rock riffs and sound. The last two songs are nearly the complete opposite: more like interstellar music – slow, meditative, peaceful. Close your eyes and feel it.

You can taste this “soul food” without hesitation.

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