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Demos From The Vault #13: Taqbir | Tiger Splitter | Circus | Degraved | Abreaction

We’re back at our Demos from the Vault with yet another mixture of Death Metal and Hardcore Punk you need to send your ears onto a journey and never come back! Get ready for the next volume of Demos from the Vault!

Taqbir – Taqbir (Hardcore Punk – Morocco)

On the search for some hardcore punk from Morocco? Then you definitely have to check out Taqbir and their self-titled demo. Groovy punk with very distinctive crazy sounding vocals and enough energy for all of you. The sound is captivating from front to back with its raw and minimalist style, with especially the leering guitars and nasty drums quickly getting stuck in your head. Taqbir deliver punk as it sounded 40 years ago and make the listener dance and jump around in 2021 just like the heroes of the old days. These four tracks are really good to sing along to, do not get boring even after several runs and above all make you want more. Here I am especially curious what we can expect from the band in the future. Punk as it should sound and act straight outta North Africa!

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=1667908447 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

Circus – Demo (Hardcore Punk – USA)

Since En Love at the latest, it is known what good bands Ohio currently produces and I have therefore dealt more closely with the scene there – a new band called Circus has caught my eye. Their demo features fast and consistently pummeling USHC that exudes pure aggression thanks to its ultra sick-sounding vocals. The songs deliver no-frills hardcore punk to whose nasty downtempo parts you just want to stomp and thrash around. In total there are a lot of rage distorted riffing, furious drumming and speed and that’s why this demo can be seen as a really strong first output, which permanently gnashes its teeth and spits around rabidly. You are into angry stuff like Warthog or Impalers? So Circus should be the right thing for you to digest a bad day.

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=3891900391 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

Degraved – Exhumed Remnants (Death Metal – USA)

At the moment, Death Metal bands are sprouting like mushrooms from the ground and with Degraved I came across one of them, which I am particularly impressed by. The band from Washington sounds so disgusting on their demo Exhumend Remnants that you think someone has recorded himself vomiting. Everything is so raw and that’s what makes this record so good. But also the music is absolutely harsh in itself and sounds incredibly rotten. Here midtempo death metal violence and bestial caveman sound are colliding. Of course Degraved doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but with their extra tight drumming, hard hitting downtempo parts and vicious growls they sound so authentic to 90s bands that as a fan of the genre you can’t help but adore this slimy demo.

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=2092291655 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

Abreaction – Puer Aeternity (Brutal Death Metal – USA)

Abreaction is a filthy slamming Death Metal one man project from the USA whose Puer Aeternity demo fires three relentless orgies of beating around. In addition to its various stabbing like mosh parts and stomping elements, the drums groove in ill-tempered midtempo parts. The guitar saws through everything and squeals and whistles rigorously in the breaks. But you are not only fed with blunt elements here and also get to deal with tight drumming and distinctive metallic sounding riffing. The vocals sound monstrous and terrifying, which can be said in general about the sound as well. Special highlight and at the same time good contrast to it are the occasionally thrown in desperate screams. If you like harsh brutal death metal, you should definitly check out Abreaction, because they dropped a truly angry release to which you can properly let out your rage.

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=3903857137 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

Tiger Splitter – Temple Of Blades (Hardcore – USA)

A demo from the hardcore scene that appealed to me because of its slightly No WarningIll Blood vibe comes from the Texas’ Tiger Splitter. With Temple Of Blades you will get 3 street hardcore songs on this demo, whose breaks are pretty hard especially because of it’s metallic guitar play. The pissed-off vocals fit the quite groovy instrumentals like a glove, even if the song structures still have some room for improvement here and quickly become a bit monotonous to me. Nevertheless, there are things to marvel at like heavy mosh parts, in which you will find pleasure as a HC fan. The production is also quite good and does the rest to make everything sound frustrated and rough. If there is some more space for the included crossover influences on their next stuff Tiger Splitter could be able to become a band worth to watch.

[bandcamp width=99% height=120 album=2717323503 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

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