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Sintage – The Sign (Recommendation)

Album:The Sign
Genre:Heavy Metal
Release Date:6th of July, 2021
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover Artwork ©Sintage, 2021

Chase the fire through the sky! A storm is brewing in the firmament of German Heavy Metal! Sintage, either from Leipzig or Dresden, released their first EP The Sign this year, which really has it all.

The band quickly generated a select circle of fans and knew how to convince numerous critics. However, this should not come as a surprise: Their mixture of Traditional Heavy Metal, with a fine pinch of speed and a little glam, immediately captivates the inclined genre lover. All six songs are well-balanced, mature and powerful. There is also no lack of variety: The title track is a fast-paced ode to the eighties, while “The Devil’s Race” clearly has what it takes to become a midtempo classic.

Rock City” is still patiently waiting for its knighthood as a rock anthem and delivers a healthy exchange of blows with the powerful and extremely cheeky “Nightcrime“. “And if you break the law be ready for your grave”: this healthy, exhilarating lyrical naivety of the initial Metal years is synonymous with an authentic journey back in time, even if “Streetlaw” is the EP’s comparably weakest song.

Following this and to conclude, the majestic “Burning Up the Night” should follow, which is simply a massive hit. Whoever doesn’t roar along from the full heart during the last lines has not understood Metal and Rock. Sintage sound fresh, clear and full of energy and hopefully have, if they stick to what they do, a bright future ahead of them.

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