Basalt Shrine – Label Signing and 2nd Single Release (News)

Basalt Shrine
Band:Basalt Shrine
Release:From Fiery Tongues
Genre:Doom Metal, Post-Metal
Release Date:13th of June, 2022
Released viaElectric Spark (Netherlands)
Surrogate Rec. (Ukraine)
Cruel Nature Records (UK)
Three Moons Records (Poland)
Harrowing Industries (Indonesia)
Cover ArtworkRonaldo Vivo, Jr.

Filipino Doom/Post-Metal titan Basalt Shrine signs with Dutch Vinyl Label Electric Spark; drops new mammoth single from debut album.

Philippines’ Doom/Post-Metal supergroup Basalt Shrine signs to Dutch record label, Electric Spark— a record label focusing mainly on high-quality vinyl releases with musical spectrum ranging from Post-Rock/Metal, Sludge, Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, Doom, Synthwave to Dark Country/Folk. The label is set to release Basalt Shrine’s debut album From Fiery Tongues on limited edition vinyl this 2022.

From Fiery Tongues is also set to be released on Compact Disc and Cassette by several participating labels such as Surrogate Rec. (Ukraine), Cruel Nature Records (UK), PAWN (Ph), Three Moons Records (Poland) and Harrowing Industries (Indonesia).

Listen to the new single “Adorned for Loathing Pigs” below:

Basalt Shrine consists of Bobby Legaspi (Malicious Birth, Surrogate Prey), Ronaldo Vivo, Jr. (The Insektlife Cycle, Dagtum, Abanglupa, Imperial Airwaves), Rallye Ryan Ibanez (Surrogate Prey) and Ronnel Vivo (The Insektlife Cycle, Dagtum, Abanglupa, Imperial Airwaves, Kahugyaw).

From Fiery Tongues

01. Thawed Slag Blood
02. In The Dirt’s Embrace
03. Adorned For Loathing Pigs
04. From Fiery Tongues
05. The Barren Aftermath

Mixed and mastered by Ronnel Vivo at the Sound Carpentry Studio.
Produced by Ronnel Vivo and Basalt Shrine.
Album artwork by Ronaldo Vivo, Jr.

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