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Hexer – Abysmal Rites (Single Premiere)

Bands: Hexer
Release: Abyssal
Genre: Doom Metal, Black Metal
Country: Germany
Release Date:17th of February, 2023
Released viaCrawling Chaos Records
Cover ArtworkVama Marga

After three years, German two-piece Psychedelic Doom / Black Metal outfit Hexer return with their third full-length, following their critically acclaimed sophomore Realm of the Feathered Serpent.

On their last album, Hexer went deep into the background of Meso-American history that surrounds the divine entitity of the Feathered Serpent. On their follow-up, the framework drifts off from lands in the far west.

Abyssal takes a metapysical deep dive into the shoals of the personal mind. After the first single release “Bathyskaph” already offered the possibility to get into the sound of the upcoming album, the second single follows with the release of “Abysmal Rites.”

On this track, we get to submerge in the depths of consciousness by also gaining the possibility to get to know a little more detailled how Hexer’s sound has changed coming from their sophomore full-length. It was already clear at Realm of the Feathered Serpent that Hexer carry a tremendously unique sound that instantly identifies the band. This sound is strongly carried on on their third album, showing on “Abysmal Rites” again that there is a high versatility when playing with this all-encompassing tone. The mind clearly seems to be a rougher topic than than Meso-American lands, since the tone has changed showcasing a very strong ferocity. Speeding up to even get close to a Crust sound, this track shows absolute rage when wandering on the downward spiral. Prepare to take the next step down the abyss!

Abyssal coming via Crawling Chaos Records on the 17th of February!

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