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Shortcuts to the Underground – Episode 5

New shortcuts! Here we have another three underground releases that could not be much more different.

Apotheus – Ergo Atlas
[Black Lion Records]

With this one we go a much, much more chilled direction as usual. This is prog metal how I like it. Through and through prog, melodic, melancholic and often mid tempo or even slow. The not unusual switch between angelic clean vocals and harsh screams, more like growls is really well done, but I may be biased there since I’m a big fan of harsh and clean vocals in my metal. All the songs have a nice atmosphere going on but some even add an almost industrial / sci-fi feel to it with keys and electronic elements. Some of the songs drift into a post metal direction other parts in what could be called djent by some, though I think calling it that name is pretty much outdated today, isnt it!? However, if you enjoy Soen, Leprous or some more chill Opeth songs, I can not imagine you not liking Ergo atlas.

Teraset – Bones of Contention

Sometimes, less is more. These guys seem to live by that motto. This is death metal. Not oldschool, not new school, not prog death, not tech death, not brutal or melodeath, this is simply: DEATH METAL!

Sirrush – Molon Labe
[Non Serviam Records]

Yeah, this is how blackened death metal should sound like in my opinion. Super fast, heavy and aggressive. Having some orchestral / symphonic layers added here and there definitely is not a bad idea either in my opinion. Also, there is just something about the mixture of the pure, raw aggression here, some slight melodies going on (mostly in the background) and the really nasty death metal vocals. Big fan of this sound… Highly recommended for fans of Mortuorial eclipse, Evangelion era Behemoth or Fleshgod apocalypse.

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