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Gatecreeper – Dark Superstition (Review)

Gatecreeper Dark Superstition
Release:Dark Superstition
Genre:Death Metal
Release Date:17th of May, 2024
Released viaNuclear Blast

For many bands, the third album is possibly a decisive step in their career. There are only two possibilities. Stay true to yourself and continue to focus on the foundation of your previous releases. Or use new influences and possibly create a new sound that hasn’t been heard on older material?

Gatecreeper probably also had to ask themselves this question. Three years after the release of the Unexpected Reality EP, their latest album Dark Superstition was released on May 17th via Nuclear Blast.

Like their last records, the newest output from the Arizona gang was once again recorded by mastermind Kurt Ballou

Dark Superstition could well be the band’s most controversial album to date. But why exactly? Gatecreeper are reinventing themselves, at least in some aspects. Of course, the distinctive HM2 chainsaw buzz echo remains, but at the same time there are a few surprises scattered across the new record. Tracks like “The Black Curtain” or “Flesh Habit” sound much more melodic and influenced by bands like In Flames and At the Gates. At the same time, in addition to the melodic death metal aspects, there are also some goth rock elements in the mix. 

Anyone who likes the earlier works of Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride will get their money’s worth here. The previously aggressive and dirty sound is really freshened up here. 

However, this does not mean that this is a completely new form of Gatecreeper. Of course, the new album is also for their older fans. Especially tracks like “Caught In The Treads” or “Mistaken For Dead” are good examples for the more aggressive side of the band.

Dismember and Entombed couldn’t be prouder. Like happy parents watching their child mastering the HM2 chainsaw.

The musical development is also shown by the album closer “Tears Fall From The Sky“. With “Emptiness“, the guys from Arizona have already proven that they can write epic and atmospheric songs. Gatecreeper showcasing their brilliant writing skills once again with this song. I would like to hear more doom metal influences in the near future. “Tears Fall from The Sky” is a worthy closing track and feels like a heavy finish.

Overall, the raw OSDM mixes very well with goth rock and melodic influences to create a more progressive sound. Gatecreeper manage to keep their older fans interested while changing themselves as a band in minor ways.

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