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Spiritual Deception – Etemenanki (Review)

Band: Spiritual Deception
Album: Etemenanki
Genre: Brutal / Technical Death Metal
Country: Italy
Release date: 21st of March, 2019
Artwork by Zzlogos
Cover artwork © Spiritual Deception 2019

I remember an artwork I saw early 2018 in a Facebook group I’m in and I knew it was Vladimir ‘Smerdulak’ Chebakovs work. He worked for bands like Katalepsy, Veld, Hideous divinity or Zarraza. Judging by the cover art alone I was sure I’d like the music. And guess what? I was right.I liked what I heard after just a few seconds. That was their previous, self-titled EP.

They released a new EP at the end of March 2019 and it’s just as good, in my opinion even better! The band plays a pretty brutal kind of Technical Death Metal. Means: fast and heavy music that’s not easy to play, lots of time signature changes and so on. What makes this band stand out a bit of the large number of Tech and Brutal Death Metal bands I listen to is the fact that they use some well-produced symphonic elements and place them wisely. These elements make the general sound of the band a bit darker and for me definitely more interesting. Now, this is nothing new. Bands like Septicflesh or Dimmu Borgir have been doing it for a whole while, but Spiritual Deception uses them only to highlight some moments. I feel like they did that part better with this new EP. The previous was a bit more on the brutal side of things, this one more on the technical side.

If anyone wants to listen to something new and “Brutal Technical Death Metal with symphonic elements” sounds interesting: check out Entemenanki by Spiritual Deception.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
8 / 10

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