Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme (Review)

Band: Danko Jones
Album: A Rock Supreme
Genre: Rock
Country: Canada
Release date: 26th of April
Released via AFM Records
Cover artwork © AFM Records 2019

So here we do a short and fast review for the weekend. Danko Jones, making music since 1996, released their new album a few days ago on the 26th of April. A Rock Supreme is full of powerful, modern Rock music without any flourishing. Guitar, bass, drums and the voice of Danko Jones himself. Eleven songs, all of them with a playtime under four minutes, except of “Lipstick City”. Eleven songs about the life and being of a rockstar, songs about making party, beer and pretty women.

In my opinion, Danko Jones are some kind of modern version of AC/DC, and like other bands the best way of listening to their music is at a live show. The songs get faster, more powerful and they start breathing. For example, you can’t compare the albums of Dead Lord to one of their live shows. I think it’s the same with Danko Jones, I always need to think about how one of the albums’ songs could sound and feel live. And then I start smiling, raise my fist and start to party. It’s music either for getting in or for celebrating your good mood. Make it loud, grab a can and sing along. If you didn’t like Danko Jones before or you have nothing left for that kind of music, you don’t need to try again.

Okay, let’s dive a little deeper into the music. As I said, it’s powerful, hand-made, modern Rock music. You can grab each song and bring it to the radio. But that’s not everything. What I like about the music is that you can keep apart most of the songs. Each song has some kind of charateristic flavour. “Burn in Hell” sounds like a too fast country song, “Lipstick City” has something of a Pop Music track made for the dancefloor. “You Cant Keep Us Down” sounds very familiar, I just say one word: Timewarp!!! That was very… interesting. In our review-playlist you can listen to my favorite songs yourself…right? Please leave your comment!

That’s it for today, short and fast, as I promised, but I forgot something…
This album is full of cowbells.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆


As usual, we added the two favorite tracks to our Transcended Review Playlist

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