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The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Galore (Recommendation)

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion Galore
Band:The St. Pierre Snake Invasion
Genre:Hardcore, Rock
Release Date:21st of April, 2023
Released viaChurch Road Records
Cover ArtworkChurch Road Records

Some things just never get out of style: combining unhealthy but tasty food beyond imagination, dad jokes and pairing Rock with Hardcore. Ever since the Chariot have left, there was a hole in my musical horizon. The St. Pierre Snake Invasion (short TSPSI) are here to take a place beside them up there.

Roughly four years since Caprice Enchanté TSPSI grace the world with a NOT ABOUT-Covid-related-themes album. Having been written during the experience of the lead singers impending fatherhood, this album is about “Wondering about one’s own impact on a life that you have been a part in creating, the anxieties of what will be passed down to another generation, and reflections on garnered wisdom with age“.

Talking about fatherhood: Galore sounds as if the Chariot, Every Time I Die and the Armed had a love-child and it met with all the right people while growing up. As mentioned, Hardcore with a good potion of Rock is the backbone of this album. The rest is wild ideas and exciting execution. You’ll find a Glockenspiel on “Midas“, a funky, piano and drum-driven-Rock-something-song like “Apex Prey“, glitchy, heavy mid tempo-bangers (“To Sleep Well“) and I’m just getting started. This record is like a big box of chocolates, to quote the great Forrest Gump.

Galore radiates with the energy of an over-caffeinated child. There is so much going on here. In 36 minutes you’ll find ten songs with each one having THAT one moment, that makes it unique. TSPSI are back and everyone should take the chance of giving their ears, hearts and bodies to them.

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