Goehre +Fleetenkieker Live 16/05/19@Jules Papp (Krefeld)

What is the greatest thing about music, except listening to it? Talking about it of course, and a talk about music shouldn’t be limited on a talk about songs, bands and releases, but it should also be about your love to and the attitude coming along with the music you listen to. And that is excactly what Ernie Fleetenkieker and Micha-El Goehre are doing on stage. I was one of the guests on their premier-show in Krefeld, in a bar named Jules-Papp.

So, who are these guys me, and round about 50 other people were listening to? Ernie Fleetenkieker is the mastermind of and behind Krachmucker TV, a German YouTube-Channel with focus on Metal music, but also handling all the other stuff Ernie likes. Ernie talks about music, art in general, and other things on his own very likeable, authentic but also a little chaotic way, as we will see live in Krefeld as well. Some of you maybe know Ernie under another alias, he is also known as “Seuche” from the band Fäulnis. Micha-El Goehre, is a German comedian, author, poetry slammer, and metal fan.

In the beginning of the show Ernie and Micha told us the story of the development of their show. One of Ernie’s videos on YouTube was about humor in general in metal music, and Micha became one of his guest for this video (watch here). Micha himself organizes poetry slams, and during this time there was his idea of a slam about metal music, so he invited Ernie to be part of this slam. This slam was recorded and can be watched on YouTube as well (watch here). Another participant of this slam, was Goreminister, singer of Kadaverficker, who has another video on his YouTube channel, which is more kind of a backstage-story (watch here). Now you can take Ernie’s show, the (metal) poetry slam and some humor and you have an idea of the show. Both, Ernie and Micha, read some of their own short stories, between these they took some time to talk more or less unscripted to get to the next part of the show. In between, the audience became the victim of some experiments. It always sounds like a good idea to interact live with your audience, but… No, it wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but I think the idea was another one.

Most of the stories had a funny side, but also a message to think about. Sometimes the message hit you right in the face, and sometimes it was more between the lines. We took a look together on the rebellious ideas of Metal music, and what is left of it. We took a look at the present, what Metal is about today. Micha told us, about his daily fights against the dragons in life, and about how Metal he is, while Ernie took us to an empty chair in the Rainbow Room in front of a video poker machine, where usually a guy called Lemmy sat and drank Jacky-Coke, while playing some games. Sometimes you don’t need more to be happy…

Another funny part were translated lyrics. English lyrics had been translated with the help of Google into German. Let’s put it like this: These translations into German are, sometimes, very correct, and sometimes terribly wrong. English phrases translated into German don’t make sense and vice versa…

I paid 8€ for more than two hours of program. That’s a very good value for money. The location itself, Jules-Papp, was a comfortable bar with nice and fast waiters, good coffee and a nice menu. I really liked it there.

I absolutely know that the German program of Ernie and Micha isn’t made for an international audience, and maybe some of you think, why in hell is a German page writing about a German event in English, but I think that the idea of a live-show where somebody shares his or her experiences in life of a Metalhead is a very international idea… I hope, if you’re going to be succesful you think about our nice review and the guys who did it “first” in May ’19 in Krefeld, Germany.

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