Upcoming Show: Culthe Fest 2024 (Concerts)

Event:Culthe Fest
Date:30th & 31st of March, 2024
Location:Am Hawerkamp, Münster
Promoter:Unaussprechliche Culthe

Last year, we were first of all glad to be able to present Culthe Fest for the first time as Transcended Music Blog. Apart from that, it was also very fortunate to be able to announce the return of Culthe Fest after cancelled plannings in the past due to reasons we still all know.

We are, again, incredibly stoked to be able to present Culthe Fest 2024 – and this also marks 10 years of Culthe Fest! In order to celebrate this anniversary, Unaussprechliche Culthe c/o Culthe Collectiv has once again put together an absolutely astonishing line-up that will delight fans of Extreme Metal and Atmosphere!

This year, Culthe Fest will serve with 16 bands from 9 countries on 3 different stages plus an art exhibition on Easter. The spheres of Culthe Fest 2024 range from pure atmosphere over Death Metal, Doom Metal, Nordic Folk to purist Black Metal. If you enjoy atmosphere, no matter if welcoming and beautiful or oppressive and staggering, you will be delighted at Culthe Fest 2024!

Saturday, 30th of March


With their latest album Silhouettes of Disgust, Downfall of Gaia returned after the release of their seminal Ethic of Radical Finitude. When having ventured deeply into the spheres of Black Metal, Downfall of Gaia showcase with their latest album that they still feel connected to the D-Beat, Crust-infused roots of the band. The length of the tracks diminished and the Punk aggression was merged with the characteristic Black Metal tone this band has progressed over the years of their career.

SYLVAINE (NO, Post-Black Metal)

Since atmosphere has been a major aspect of the line-up of Culthe Fest, the addition of Sylvaine is a perfect fit. For fans of the musical soundscapes forged by the likes such as early Blackgaze adapters Alcest, the musical spheres that Sylvaine construct will surely be of utmost interest. The construction of highly atmospherical soundscapes definitely falls into the scope of Syvaine’s crafts.

OPHIS (DE, Death Metal / Doom Metal)

Be prepared to be crushed when Death Doom pioneers Ophis hit the stage. With their latest release Spew Forth Odium, this combo showcase that they are capable of delivering strongly captivating and staggering Death Doom that merges the strengths of Death Metal, Doom Metal and the melodic capacity of classic Heavy Metal. Nevertheless, occasional thrashy outbursts will make sure that you are pushed from side to side apart from the oppressive darkness that will surround you.

PHANTOM WINTER (DE, Death Metal / Doom Metal)

A second outfit right next to Ophis that will delight the heart of Doom fans is Phantom Winter, who only recently returned with their latest ouput Her Cold Materials via This Charming Man Records. However, the downpressing Doom sound of this band is paired with a tone that rather tends to pick cherries from the spheres of Black Metal. On top of that, Phantom Winter also convince by conveying strong ties to Punk roots that resonante on all of their releases.

SUIR (DE, Post-Punk)

After having been incredibly sad because of the breakup of Ropes of Night, I was very happy to find out that Ralph already joined Post-Punk band SUIR before the aforementioned disbanding. SUIR’s sound is difficult to grasp, but the haunting, staggering merging of Post-Punk, Shoegaze and New Wave delivers a sound that you will seek so that it can deliberately hurt you.

RANA (DE, Black Metal / Crust)

Already having witnessed the strength of Ranā when seeing live at Haglaz Fest last year, I can only open this paragraph by telling you that you need to make sure to see this band. With their latest and highly praised full-length Richtfeuer, this outfit showcase their capability to adapt to a broad set of different musical soundscapes while delivering highly convincing output. The progression from Armament to Richtfeuer was incredible and so is this most recent release itself as well. This band surely marks one of my highlights of the entire fest!

CORECASS (DE, Dark Ambient / Experimental)

While Grift serves as one fixed point that delivers the Nordic Folk spheres at this year’s edition of Culthe Fest, Corecrass will add a high amount of ambience with their sound. Instrumental ambient soundscapes that will probably delight fans of Wolves in the Throne Room open up a musical cosmos that moves the listener on a different level.

LOTH (FR, Black Metal)

If you seek contemplation within this line-up, you might at least be able to find the initiation of which with Loth’s Black Metal sound that bears strong cascadian tendencies. Having released their last full-length 616 in 2023, Loth will play their first show in Germany at this year’s Culthe Fest.

Sunday, 31st of March

WIEGEDOOD (BE, Black Metal)

The release of Wiegedood’s follow-up full-length release at Century Media hit drastically right into your face. This Belgian Black Metal combo has made a hell of a name by now with their intense sonical delivery. While the band was already prominent for their fierce guitar riffing and malicious Black Metal before, this once more peaked on their latest album with the opening track “FN SCAR 16” alone. I am quite sure that it must be a strong experience to listen to this total chaos on a live set!

SOLBRUD (DEN, Black Metal)

It probably isn’t too difficult to introduce Solbrud at this very time of the year, since the release of their most recent album IIII via Vendetta Records has stirred quite a lot of attention. Constructing magnificent soundscapes ranging from acoustic sequences over staggering Depressive Suicidal Black Metal towards the delight of the heart of any purist Black Metal fan and everything in between, the full range is served on this opus magnum.

PREDATORY VOID (BE, Black Metal / Death Metal / Sludge)

Also emerging from the spheres of the Church of Ra such as Wiegedood, Predatory Void deliver a distinctively different sound. With the release of their full-length debut Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being, this combo delivered a ferocious synergy of overlapping elements deriving from Black Metal, Death Metal and Sludge paired with nuances of Post-Black Metal. Pushing the listeners back and forth with their thrusting speed and sequence changes, this band’s sound will surely motivate the audience to move accordingly.

GRIFT (SE, Nordic Folk)

In order to underline the beauty of the spheres of Black Metal, Culthe Fest has already made a name putting a lot of emphasis on Nordic Folk (just take a look at last year’s line-up). Having found their way onto my scope with their tour together with Afsky the latest, Grift surely convinced with their specific, emotional output of Nordic Folk.

KARLOFF (DE, Black Metal / Punk)

If you thought it would be enough to add a slight amount of Punk with Downfall of Gaia, add up a little more with Ranā and Phantom Winter, you surely calculated without the addition of Karloff. Moving somewhere in between 1st Wave Black Metal, Black Speed Metal (as the likes of Midnight) and Blackened Punk, this is probably the rawest sound that you can expect at this year’s Culthe Fest.

WESENWILLE (NL, Progressive Black Metal)

By now, the Dutch Black Metal scene and especially its range has probably found its way into the attention of quite a lot of scene addicts. With Wesenwille, the focus of what is often associated with Dutch Black Metal is slightly shifted, though. Wesenwille bring forth a rather modern, more aggressive and progressive Black Metal sound. Underlining their tone with heavy dissonance, this will surely be a staggering liveset.

VÍGLJÓS (CH/DE, Black Metal)

This is probably the most obscure line-up addition at Culthe Fest 2024. When looking for output by Vígljós, it is only possible to find a YouTube Short that announces their signing to Dusktone Records. The descriptions “Obscure Oldschool Beehive Black Metal” and “a strange buzz emanates from the hollow tree…” resonante as self-descriptions.

JUDASZ & NAHIMANA (LU/PT, Dark Folk / Ambient / Experimental / Ritual)

Guesting in Germany for the first time this year, Judasz & Nahimana from Luxembourg and Portugal will deliver another act of contemplation with their mixture of Dark Folk and Ambience.

Just as last year, Unaussprechliche Culthe has again put together a YouTube playlist if you want to skip through the entire line-up of their 2024 edition. The playlist can be found below:

Dark Arts & Crafts Exhibition

Unaussprechliche Culthe again highlighted the fact that the entire Extreme Metal and surrounding scenes are not merely construced by the eventual sonical output of their music representatives. Arts and crafts have remained a cornerstone in the background of the scene that has found strong emphasis at Culthe Fest. Thus, similar to last year, there will again be a Dark Arts & Crafts Exhibitions where different artists and crafters gain the possibility to exhibit their latest material.

We added the Instagram profiles of all of the artists that are going to be present at Culthe Fest for the reader to find out what art to expect. Since I still don’t feel capable enough to come up with fitting words in order to the describe the art that is offered by these artists, I looked up the piece of art that crossed my attention the most.













If you want to attend the festival, you should quickly secure one of the coveted
tickets: a high amount of the tickets has already been sold.


Doors open: 2:30 p.m.
Shows: 3:30 p.m. – midnight
Exhibition: 2:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.


Sputnikhalle, Café Sputnik, Triptychon; Am Hawerkamp 31, 48155 Münster, Germany


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