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Waldgeflüster – Mondscheinsonaten (Review)

Band: Waldgeflüster
Album: Mondscheinsonaten
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Release date: 12th of April, 2019
Released via Nordvis
Cover artwork © Nordvis 2019
Artwork by Sahra Wagner

Mondscheinsonaten is the fifth studio release by Waldgeflüster, a Bavarian Black Metal band. Their last album Ruinen was released on Oct 16th, their first album’s release Herbstklagen was more then 10 years ago.

Waldgeflüster started as a solo project by Winterherz, who sings and plays the guitar on each of the band’s recordings since August 2014. After the release of Meine Fesseln, Waldgeflüster became a full band.

As you can guess from the band’s name, nature, wind, trees, the dark seasons – autumn and winter – are important topics in the their music and you can often find relations between them. The fight against the dark, the cold, against the heights of hills and mountains, and the will to go your way despite all the obstacles time and nature throw in your way can somehow be found in all songs on the album.

Even for me as a native speaker it’s hard to understand the lyrics, but you can find them on the band’s website, as well as the tabs, if you like to play the guitars by yourself. I really like that kind of stuff. I also like clean guitars in my Black Metal and even other instruments like strings or keys. I know, I know – that isn’t trve and so on but that isn’t me either. So f**k it. Waldgeflüster serves with athmospheric music full of despair. However, there is still a little bit of light in the end, behind all the obstacles, even though it isn’t “real” Black, but as I said… you know the words.

The last song of the album is “Staub in der Lunge” and to me it sounds like some kind of bittersweet salvation. You climbed the mountains, left the obstacle behind, but then you stand in front of a new big unknown, with all the wounds you received so far. What do you do now? Give up or go your way?

As you can read, this time I don’t speak about the music itself, this time it’s more about the feelings and the thoughts the music is initiating in my head. I think that is excactly what this kind of music should do. Listen to yourself while hearing it and get your own opinion about the lyrics. The music – yepp – it sounds like Black Metal with some acoustic elements in it and all the typical harmonics and so on. Try to get in the mood. If you’re not familiar with this kind of music, try to put yourself in the narrator’s position, and let the music do its work.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆


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