Zebrahead – Brain Invaders Tour 17/06/19@turock Essen

Bands: ZebraheadALEX MOFA GANG
Date: 17/06/19
Location: turock
Promoter: FKP ScorpioBeer & Music
Photographer: Xoxo PhotographyXoxo Photography (Instagram)

The American Punk Rock band Zebrahead is on tour with their new album Brain Invaders. After the completely private gig a few weeks ago, I now visited their official tour concert on the 17th of June at the turock (Essen). The turock is a club that has shown that it not only throws good Pop Punk and MoreCore parties, but also offers a great location for concerts.

Sascha Hörold

The really good warm-up was done by German Punk Rock band ALEX MOFA GANG from Berlin. With songs from their new album Ende offen such as “Hinter den Fassaden”, “Nacht aus Gold”, “Ende offen” and older songs like “Holiday Inn”, “Unser Haus”, “Montevideo” they managed to animate the audience to jump and dance. Great action when Sascha Hörold (vocals, guitar) was standing on a surfboard and was carried to the end of the room by the audience. Now he climbed over the railing to the second floor and then jumped into the crowd to be carried back to the stage again.

Matty Lewis and Ben Osmundson

Zebrahead once again did a great performance and provided an awesome party as usual!
As part of a good Punk Rock show, a lot of alcohol flowed. So a fan had the pleasure to drink to the song “Mike Dexter is a God, Mike Dexter is a Role Model, Mike Dexter is an Asshole” as much beer as he could manage. However, the audience didn’t miss out either. The “Drink Drink” song invites you to dance, sway and drink with your friends or other visitors. Additionally, two guys in alien costumes even chugged their beer – now I’ve seen everything! But beer wasn’t the only liquid that flowed in quantities. Because of the high temperatures, the turock staff gave out free water to the audience. So it could happen that a lot of water poured over one or another head while dancing. Ben Osmundson (Bass) often had fun taking a big sip of water and sprinkling it over the crowd.
Because of the many vagina hand signals some people in the audience made, the song “Playmate of the Year” was played. Ali Tabatabaee (vocals) has motivated the audience to sing “Muschi” (pussy) at certain passages of this song. Of course also other bangers like “Call Your Friends”, “Sirens” or “Falling Apart” were played to name a few. With the song “Anthem” the show came to a perfect end.

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