Zebrahead – Maik’s birthday party 26/05/19@Triptychon Münster

Bands: ZebraheadConfront The FearxVICIOUSx Animal Club
Way too Far
Date: 26/05/19
Location: Triptychon Münster
Host: Maik Bröggelhoff
Photographer: Gerrit Smalbrugge

The guys of the American Punk Rock band Zebrahead played a show at a private party for Maik Bröggelhoff who has been a good friend of the band for some years now. I had the great pleasure to be a guest at this party at Triptychon (Münster) on 26.05.2019.
The Triptychon Münster (Association for Culture) is a small location in the style of an old industrial hall right above the Sputnikhalle. For musicians, it offers a good place to perform with the right size and atmosphere for great concerts.

The local Hardcore/Metalcore band Way too Far from Viersen was the first act at this evening. It was followed by the Belgian Hardcore/Punk band Animal Club. Unfortunately, I was a little late and missed the first two bands. I entered the show when the Heavy Hardcore band xVICIOUSx from Belgium was playing and one member of the band was running through the entire room going crazy.

After that Maik Bröggelhoff (vocals) stepped on the stage with his local Hardcore band Confront The Fear from Münster. With the iconic prayer from the movie The Boondock Saints, which is inspired by the band A Day to Remember who used it in their song “1958” too, the band had a really atmospheric start. Confront The Fear played a lot of sing along songs from well-known bands like Stick to Your Guns, A Day to Remember or Blink 182. Very well action as Maik jumped in the crowd and started to dance to heat up the audience and make them move.

Now Zebrahead entered the stage and these guys really know to rock. In a few seconds the whole hall turned into a big party. The audience started to jump, shout and dance hilariously. The show was supported by free shots which were handed out by waitresses. A lot of circlepits kept the crowd moving. Very funny moment when Ben Osmundson (bass, backing vocals) abruptly sat down in a dinghy which was carried by the crowd and kept playing bass. It really felt a bit as if we were in the music videos of “Anthem” or “Call Your Friends”. It was pretty cool to see that Maik Bröggelhoff was often involved on the stage. So he had some parts to sing with the guys like the song “Hello Tomorrow”. In tribute to his birthday, 11 stagedives had been ordered to keep the crowd moving as well. Now everyone could come onto the stage and jump into the crowd who had a craving for it. Zebrahead not only played well-known songs like “Rescue Me”, “Falling Apart” and “Worse Than This”. They came with brand new songs in their repertory from their new album Brain Invaders like “All My Friends Are Nobodies” or “We’re Not Alright”.

The last song was “Postcards From Hell” which was wished by Maik, who also sang the entire song together with the band. At the end of the concert, the audience stormed onto the stage and partied with the band. After the show, everyone was free to talk to the guys from Zebrahead and took photos with them.

It was a really awesome and special evening for me. Thanks a lot Maik for the invitation and the planning as well as financing of the event.
Happy Birthday!

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