RIVAL SONS – 2019 Summer Tour 22/07/19@Zeche Bochum

Bands: RIVAL SONSLast Train
Date: 22/07/19
Location: Zeche Bochum
Promoter: prime entertainmentLive Nation

The American Rock band Rival Sons played a few summer midweek shows, so I visited their show on the 22th of July in the Zeche (Bochum). The Club Zeche, which hosts regular rock and summer parties for people over 30 also offers a good stage for concerts with a great industrial look. Also, many tribute bands from popular Rock and Pop musicians such as Metallica, Linkin Park, AC/DC, P!nk, ABBA, Adele and so on perform here.

The opening act was the French Rock & Roll band Last Train. With a lot of energy and an expressive voice of Jean-Noël Scherrer, they really gave their best to cheer up the audience. It was pure joy to see how much fun these guys had on stage. I couldn’t imagine a better opening act for this evening.

As soon as Rival Sons entered the stage, the audience was spellbound. With a lot of soul in the voice of Jay Buchanan, Hard Rock and Rhythmic Blues, Rival Sons are regarded as the band that bring Blues Rock back again with their very own style. Once again they had shown that they are fulfilling their image of being a great live band. Quite funny when Mike Miley (drums), accidentally lost grip of a drum stick while playing a great drum solo to open up the song “Back in the Woods”, but then caught it again in the air and continued to play. These are the little things that make a live show unique and entertaining. It’s absolutely impressive how well the guys perform live, every note sat and the powerful voice of Jay Buchanan is freaking insane.
Beside slow and more soulful songs like “Jordan”, “Feral Roots”, “Shooting Stars” or “Imperial Joy” the guys also played a few harder songs like “Electric Man”, “Do Your Worst”, “Pressure and Time”, “Keep On Swinging”.
As you might get from the last title, you can’t stop swinging and moving your body to this sound.
This music makes you want to sit in a cadillac and drive along the entire Route 66 with the sun is shining in your back.

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