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Eternal Storm – Come The Tide (Review)

Artist: Eternal Storm
Album: Come The Tide
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Spain and Scotland
Release date: 23rd of August
Released via Transcending Obscurity
Cover artwork © Transcending Obscurity 2019

ETERNAL STORM are back, and they’re here to conquer!

I remember the day when I discovered this band’ previous release called From The Ashes from 2013 as if it was yesterday. It wasn’t, though, it was late 2014 I think. As a huge Melodic Death Metal fan I immediately fell in love with their sound. Since then, I can say I’m a fan of this Spanish band. As time was passing by, knowing they are working on new material I thought I should ask them how it goes and what they think when it will see the light of day. The answer was “soon”. Well, that was mid – late 2016! Three years later this beast called Come The Tide was released and I totally understand why it took them so long… they made it perfect, that’s why!

This is pretty much exactly what Melodic Death Metal should sound like in my opinion. It’s really melodic but at the same time still true to the Death Metal aesthetics. Although they drift far more towards the proggy, doomy and atmospheric soundscapes, almost Post-Metal at times, they do it really well. I enjoy the record as a whole, every part of it, but let’s start with what I like the most. It’s the same thing i enjoyed the most on their previous one: the drums! Those DRUMS! Besides the fact that the drummer is really talented, I’m also a fanboy of the sound and the production of the drums. They are pretty prominent in the mix, have an absolutely clear and bassy sound, but still, also an organic feel to it. The perfect drum sound to my ears. The overall atmosphere is also a huge part of this new record. The way how Eternal Storm combine the dreamy, sometimes doomy and melancholic atmospheres with the furious drumming is simply amazing. That’s exactly what I thought and felt as I saw that badass artwork (courtesy of Leoncio Harmr), a haunting atmosphere that’s equally scary and beautiful.

Eternal Storm also stepped up their vocal game. The vocalists’ (there a few of them here) lows sound generally deeper now, and a lot meaner. The rare clean vocals are really well done and always on the right spot in the songs. They remind me of older In Flames and a little bit of Borknagar – maybe. And thats also how my FFO (for fans of) list would look like. If you like bands such as the previously mentioned two, older Opeth, Be’lakor, Katatonia, Amorphis or Insomnium, you really don’t want to miss this beautiful monster.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

8 / 10

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  1. Great review bro, that’s pretty much how I feel about this one. I’ve been getting back into melodic death after a long tech death phase and this album hit the spot.

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