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Motionless in White – The Disguise Tour UK/EU/Russia 21/11/19@Essigfabrik Cologne

Bands: Motionless in WhiteSkold
Date: 21/11/19
Location: Essigfabrik (Cologne)
Promoter:  Kingstar Music, Live Nation

The American Metalcore band Motionless in White are on their The Disguise Tour right now and I visited their show on the 21st of November in the Essigfabrik (Cologne). The Essigfabrik, which served as a production facility for vinegar, is now well-known for events and concerts for Metal, Hardcore and Punk bands.

The opening act was the Swedish Industrial-Rock musician Tim Skold. He was bassist/guitarist and co-producer of Marilyn Manson for several years. This melodious sound is clearly recognizable in his music. It was a really well-fitting start for the show.

Motionless in White started with the song “Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride” which deals with the legend of Sleepy Hollow. I really like their songs about dark myths and historical personalities such as the song “Abigail” which refers to Abigail Williams, who triggered the witch trials in Salem 1692. Among other things, this is a reason why their music is colloquial called Horrormetal.

With a mix of intensive angry shouts, great cleanparts, complicated guitar riffs, some breakdowns and a light Gothic / Industrial touch, Motionless in White have created a distinctive sound that always gives me goosebumps. It was a great experience to see these guys play live and freak out with the other fans. Of course, in addition to sing-alongs and stage divers, the sign of the horns was not missing this evening. The song selection was mixed pretty well, besides songs from the new album Disguise like “Brand New Numb”, “/c0de”, “Headache”, and “Disguise”, they also played absolute bangers from their older albums like “Everybody Sells Cocaine”, “Break The Cycle”, “Devil’s Night” and “Reincarnate”. With the song “Eternally Yours” the show ended very well.

It was really nice to see how thankful the band is for the support of their fans. At the end of the show, Chris Motionless (vocals) distributed red roses that he threw into the front rows of the audience. Then, he walked along the wavebreaker, gave high-fives and celebrated together with the fans who didn’t get enough of him yet.

In addition to the normal listening , I can absolutely recommend the music of Motionless in White to everyone for workout sessions. No matter how hard the work or how stressful the day was, as soon as the heavier songs start to play, your body is filled with pure energy. These guys have often given me the motivation I urgently needed. Special thanks to asmodeus_ud666 who has been my training partner for several years now and has shown me MIW while we were pushing the limit.

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