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Smoke Blow – Final Hands 02/11/2019@Backstage, Halle (Munich)

Bands: Smoke Blow
Date: 02/11/19
Location: Backstage, Halle (Munich)
Promoter: Backstage Concerts GmbH

Only a handful of sold-out shows a year in sweaty clubs – armed to the teeth with a setlist full of Hardcore and Punkrock hits and a pack ready for some good old friendly violent fun. Yes, it is time for Kiel’s finest, Smoke Blow. For all our readers who may have missed out on the band before reading these lines, let me briefly recap on the band’s long-standing history.

Within the Central European region Smoke Blow undoubtedly ranks amongst one of the most influential Crossover bands whose sound is mainly rooted in the Hardcore and Punk genre, spiced-up with a touch of Noise and Stoner Rock. After releasing seven albums in total over the years, including classics such as 2003’s German Angst and 2008’s Colossus, the band decided not to release records any longer and to scale down live activities after a final full tour in 2012. Since then the band only plays a few well-selected gigs a year, mainly taking plays in smaller underground venues like the Hafenklang in Hamburg or the Schlachthof in Wiesbaden.

After five years Smoke Blow finally was back in Munich again, this time in the Backstage Halle. When we arrived an hour before the concert began, the location was already well-filled, so we decided to grab a beer and check out the merch table – some cool shirt designs as expected. Shortly after we got into a short chat with some nice dudes from Kiel who told us that they are trying to attend all Smoke Blow concerts, which are as far away from their hometown as possible, and I guess Munich definetly will be amongst the top three within Germany, correct me if I am wrong. To our great delight they brought an inflatable alligator with them – “You know which song, don’t you?” – of course!

No supporting band was planned so Smoke Blow directly dived into their set with the groovy “Masquerading” followed by “Sick Kids ’85” which clearly set the course for the rest of the night. From the beginning there was a lot of movement going on in front and on the stage and the band easily had the audience under their control. Not just once frontmen Letten and MC Straßenköter jumped off the stage to share the mic and dare to have a dance. Meanwhile our green friend took the chance to do a couple of quick laps through the venue as well.
With “Alligator Rodeo”, “Criminal”, “Summer of Betrayal”, Billy Idol cover “Rebel Yell” and “Police Robots” (just to name a few) the band delivered hit after hit and the audience was going nuts. Stagedives, singalongs, moshpits and smiling faces all around – everything what you would expect from a decent Rock ‘n’ Roll show.

After a couple of encores the show draws to a close with the heavy “West Virgina” taken from Smoke Blow‘s early release 777 Bloodrock. Great song to finish the set! Both fans and band were visible exhausted and completely soaked after this 90min-hell-ride. Nevertheless, most people decided to grab another barley juice instead of setting their journey back home. All in all it was the perfect evening to escape the dreary monotony of one’s daily routine. Well done!

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