Equilibrium Renegades Tour, 26/01/2020 @Club Vaudeville (Lindau)

Bands: EquilibriumLord of the LostNailed to ObscurityOCEANS
Date: 26/01/2020
Location: Club Vaudeville (Lindau)
Promoter: Club Vaudeville

Five o’ clock, railway station Friedrichshafen, I picked up Tobias and two other friends of us, with whom we often go to concerts. After a 30-min drive and a short search for a parking spot, we entered the Club Vaudeville just in time. We ordered some drinks at the bar (okay, for me Fritz Kola Misch Masch), and we entered the concert right in time with the first riff of the OCEANS gig.

With the gig of OCEANS I was a little curious. I must commit that I heard only little or nothing from the three bands that were going on tour with Equilibrium. I listened to their last album on Spotify, and I liked OCEANS, it was a good debut album. So I was wondering before the gig – not if I don’t liked it, but it seemed to me a little strange: they sounded different, more undecided how they wanted to sound. Nevertheless, you can hear that they are all very talented, maybe they want to please everyone, be deeper than they should with some comments between the songs. Nothing they need in my opinion. But I wish them the best for the future, they have everything to be a good and successful band.

The second Band Nailed to Obscurity flashed me. Never really heard of the band before (the band exists since 2005…) and I must say, maybe one of the best Melodic Death Metal gigs I experienced. A very good mix of typical Doom Sound blended with quieter parts and an impressive voice and a good length of the songs. I must say, the band gathered a new little fan yesterday, and two of my friends were as much impressed as I was. If you like this kind of sound, you should give them a shot.

I mostly skipped Lord of the Lost, that kind of music and band is just not my cup of tea. I am not a fan of Dark Rock/Gothic Rock, so the four of us used the time to chat a little. But there were a lot of fans of them there which enjoyed the gig very much.

But now, the main act: Equilibrium. I saw them a few years ago in Dornbirn with Nothgard, Heidevolk and Finsterforst. First, I must say, I liked their gig very much. It was again a very good stage presence, the sound was on point (if we ignore that little electricity crash in the middle) and Robse is a very good frontman who knows how to communicate with the crowd. I should mention that every keyboard/synthesizer sound came playback, because Jessica Rösch was not present, and that a God number of visitors left the concert after Lord of the Lost, which resulted in some holes in the crowd. But that doesn’t harm the flow a lot of people in the crowd got when they started the gig, two walls of death and some mosh pits with topless sweaty drunken dudes over the whole show. It was striking that the most anticipation came along with the older Equilibrium songs like “Der ewige Sieg”, “Waldschrein” or “Freiflug”. During most of the new songs off the new album the audience was more cautious. But again, I must say, I was very satisfied with Equilibrium with the gig.

Overall, OCEANS is a band that I will lend an eye here and there to see what they are doing. Regarding Nailed to Obscurity, I will spend some time to listen to their band history and Equilibrium – I will come back if I get the chance to see you again.

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