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Head In A Jar – Free from the Fridge (Review)

Artist: Head In A Jar
Album: Free from the Fridge
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Australia (Sydney)
Release Date: 24th of April, 2020
Cover Artwork © Head in a Jar

First to be honest, Free from the Fridge is the rockiest crossover Thrash Metal album from Sydney, Australia, that shouldn’t be missing on any delicious 3 course menu or playlist this year!

Wild rocking crossover notes that were combined with modern Thrash in a way that I didn’t see any better at the moment. Blind with the head through the wall, is simply still proven in Thrash Metal. The courage of this band paid off and cut out a record that is second to none. All guys are using their instruments, firing crazy vocals and showing an energy just similar I felt once in my good old AC/DC times.
The cover artwork made by Andrei Bousikov, looks fantastic and presents in a crazy way, what awaits you in this little gift.
Free from the Fridge should not be taken too seriously, not everyone will be heard, especially for more demanding tastes of “hard Thrash”.
But if you are accommodating your favorite genre with humor and openness, you will get your money’s worth with Head in a Jar and may even love it. Because humorous vocals underlined with Rock anecdotes of the last centuries, crossed with good pounding Thrash is really a rarity and mixes two constant genres in the former funniest and contentingly thrashy manner.
All around, Free from the Fridge is very harmonious and Head in a Jar clearly deserves even more attention in the future. Get the record, throw it in when you are with your colleagues / brothers drinking a beer and enjoy this special band, it will be a feast! 😀


8 / 10

Favorite Tracks:

“Slave to the Microwave” – damn, why am I thinking of AC/DC on this track? – just love it, Highly replayable!

“Biological Blitzkrieg” – what do I have more to say than the title! Already one of my favorites this year!

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