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RÛH – New Born Soul (Review)

Artist: RÛH
Album:  New Born Soul
Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal / Groove Metal
Country: Sweden (Originally Middle East + South America)
Release Date:  10th of May, 2020
Cover Artwork © RÛH, 2020

Attention metalheads!
I was looking for new stuff (what else?) and it did not took long, till I found this little masterpiece for you. Just newly formed at the end of April / beginnig of May RÛH blasted us away with an EP that will rip you apart – off wherever you are sitting right now!

This band is located in the home of Metal – Stockholm, Sweden – and just created a masterpiece in that short time that should not be missed in any shelf. First of all -what is it that RÛH want to serve us? It’s basically a Metal project that combines oriental touches and South American grooves into a fascinating mix of pure Death and Thrash Metal as you have never seen before. Inspired by bands such as Soulfly, Gojira and Meshuggah – and oriental influences – this finishes off a mix that tastes like your first time drinking Jack Daniel’s (or some oriental drink?) – dirty, nasty and raw. You want to spit it out but it’s so effective, you will let it inside your body! In Arabic, „rûh“ means “soul” and man, if they wanted to make music that goes through your soul, they hit the mark – bullseye!

From the beginnig of “New Born Soul”, along “The Holy Dance” to the ending of “Deep is the Dark,” vocalist and guitarist Sam Soliman absolutely delivers in his creativity and the use of his experiences as well as influences of monumental groove elements of Metal. Dude, the titles promise a lot concerning the combination of groove, Thrash, cult and Death Metal. I have to say that this band completely knocks my socks off. Be it due to this one oriental flair supported by the most biting elements of Groove / Thrash Metal or the combination with a dirty voice of minimal (but still very strong and effectively pointed) shouts that have torn me out of my daily life for about 20 minutes to neatly beat my skull in a “Swedish” way (my neck says thank you!).

The bass player Hakan Dicer trembles and shows great talent to get everything out of his bass! Accompanied by technically perfectly designed hard drums, Rayan Alsayed creates a mood that sweeps me off from start to finish. The dark, powerful voice of vocalist Sam and the crazy riffs of guitarist Sascha Samayoa get my mind blown and I have the constant feeling of moving, almost hypnotically! The bass solo by Hakan on “The Holy Dance” is a real bomb that knocks me off my chair and the subsequent interplay of all of them towards the final of the song is a really decent one – striking, almost masterful! All around this record is a real treat among fans of these styles and I am very excited to see what this project will bring us
for wonderful neck pain! Put this band in your playlist and be curious what Sam, Hakan, Sascha and Rayan have in store for us!


9 / 10

“New Born Soul” – Dude, first time hearing was an enlightment and offered me a new sense for oriental influences!

“The Holy Dance” – this bass solo is incredible! Hakan Dicer shows groove technics reminding of Soulfly in a perfect way!

As usual, we added the favorite track(s) to our Transcended Review Playlist 2020.

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  1. Sam Soliman

    Thanks a lot for the review, I really appreciate it! and We are so glad that RÛH got that fantastic feedback!

    Sam – RÛH

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