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Baerus – s/t (Recommendation)

Band: Baerus
Album: s/t
Genre: Sludge/Black Metal
Country: Germany
Release date: 26th of June 2020
Released via: Kellerassel Records
Cover Artwork: © Baerus

In addition to the now better known and established projects Panzer Squad and Minenfeld, there are a handful of other bands from the so-called “Osnabrooklyn” Gang who are currently reviving the underground with their music.

With Baerus, for example, you get a sinister mixture of dirty sludge and destructive black metal to which you can waste several sleepless nights. On their self-titled debut album the trio shows massive progress to the demo, musically, in songwriting, but also in production, which especially in the sluggish death/doom passages manages to reproduce the full intensity of the instruments.

Through dark, mantrasque guitar playing and partly hymnic echoing vocals, the record unleashes an extremely gloomy atmosphere, which gets more and more captivating from minute to minute and seems to be very dense throughout. A few tracks are also spiced with mercilessly explosive Black Metal parts, which confront the listener with unbelievable aggressiveness and are pervaded by psychotic sounding screeches.

All in all, Baerus deliver a really strong debut album, which is musically located somewhere between drone Hell, Unru and Dragged Into Sunlight and was released on tape by Kellerassel Records. Fans of these bands and dark sounds that weigh more heavily than a guilty conscience should definitely take a closer look at Baerus and let themselves be carried away by the s/t.

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