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Exit – Traces of Human Existence (Review)

Artist: Exit
Album: Traces of Human Existence
Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Country: Switzerland
Release Date: 12th of June, 2020
Released via Art Gates Records
Cover Artwork © Art Gates Records 2020

Since summer 1995 Beni Sax and the Haller are making music together, drummer Andy joined the trio in 2002, after Exit‘s first drummer left the Swiss band. “Traces of Human Existence” is the band’s fifth album including 9 tracks and a playtime of 36 minutes.

While listening to the first track “The Power, The Hate, The Greed” I need to take a second look at the band’s genre – okay, Thrash / Death – well – there is a BIG Hardcore edge in my opinion, especially because of Beni’s vocals. Don’t get me wrong, no problem, but I expected something else this morning. At 1:21 we get to the Death elements leading into a nice guitar solo – SPOILER – there will be some more solos. 😉

“The Final Youth” shows us well-mixed cymbals on the left and right channels during the intro. I like this natural, roomy, old-school drum sound. “Only Pain Is Real” starts with a clean guitar intro supported by some ride cymbal into a groovy, heavy chord-wall, moving across a short Thrashy part into a Death part to get back to the groovy sound… nah, didn’t like this one that much. “Born To Burn” is the shortest song at under 3 minutes and gave me exactly what I was looking for this morning. FULL THROTTLE! So, we found my first favorite here.

“Miserable Life” collects some points with a calm part that comes along with a marching-style snare and a clean guitar, after three quarters of the track. “Empire” on the other hand starts off with a clean and groovy guitar intro that is used during the whole song as a hook with clean vocals, very 2000ish, but another new sound here. “To The Void” sounds totally familiar to me, it’s one of these songs you think you know but you can’t remember. During the last track, “The Lion’s Share”, I need to focus on the drums again. I really, really like the sound, as well as the last guitar solo.


7 points from Germany to Switzerland. Nice album!

“Born to Burn” is my favorite,

Then, please tell me, where the hell do I know “To The Void” from? Please!

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