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Gorge – Patterns of Compulsive Behaviour (Recommendation)

Band: Gorge
Album: Patterns of Compulsive Behaviour
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Germany
Release Date: 15th of July, 2020
Released viaKellerassel Records
Cover Artwork: © Gorge

After we already had a new band from the Osnabrooklyn gang in the offer yesterday with Baerus, I want to discuss another fresh band from there today. We are talking about Gorge, a Death Metal duo that will release their debut record with Patterns of Compulsive Behaviour in July. But since the whole thing is already being streamed completely via Endurance To Hell, you can already hear the record and get beaten up by pure 90s Death Metal worshipping.

When listening to Patterns of Compulsive Behaviour you will come across flawless Death Metal that sounds as dull, raw and nasty as a record of this genre has to sound. Gorge make use of the elements of different subgenres and thus bring out, among other things, nasty death/thrash stomping and bitterly angry death/doom rolling parts. The basic framework consists of sawing riffing, very varied drumming and nasty vocals. Especially the variation of the vocals, between dark roaring and disgusting screeching, is well done for a crusty punk vibe and suits the sound well.

So the duo lives somewhere between Minenfeld and Panzer Squad, but in my opinion they should have released a shorter demo before taking the step to longplayer, because the songwriting definitely still has room to grow and also the sound itself could hammer a bit more brutal out of the speakers. Still, especially if you keep in mind that Patterns of Compulsive Behaviour is a debut release, Gorge deliver solid Death Metal – but, as of now, not much more than that.

If you are into bands like Broken Hope or Terrorizer, you should still try Gorge and don’t miss the duo’s raw whacking. The tape version of Patterns of Compulsive Behaviour will be available from July 15th via Kellerassel Records. If the two manage to add some distinctive parts to their Punk Death Metal in the future to stay in your ears for a longer time, Gorge have the potential to be mentioned in the same breath as their local colleagues from Minenfeld. So this release makes you feel good and is an excellent way to be heard on the bad-tempered drive to work in the early morning hours, even if the air is already out after a few runs. Urrggh!


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