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Reboot the System – Demo (Review)

Artist: Reboot the System
Album: Demo
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden
Release Date: 24th of April, 2020
Cover Artwork © Reboot the System

First of all, this one man project by Mattias Zimmergren is a true surprise,
a successful genre mix and above all a very high quality produced record. Put this demo EP on and you will not regret it, because this record is a dream of a then 14 now 29-year-old virtuoso who worked hard for us in Gothenburg, Sweden to present this little masterpiece of a demo filled with a mix of Melodic Death and Thrash Metal that you shouldn’t miss this year.

Mattias Zimmergren took his time wisely and carefully planned his project from start to finish entirely on his own. 1 – an intro – 2 – a statement – 3 – a melodious sequence – 4 – an exploding final – and I tell you one thing, if that was the plan, Mattias outdid himself. Whether it is thanks to the hired singers, who all have excellent voices, or thanks to the DIY production / composition and the interesting lyrics is hard to say. The entire package on this demo already shows me a complete band that can be delivered, which could already be on stage, even though it doesn’t even exist in the form of a band. Madness! Great job!

Hearing this demo was and is a pure enjoyment. After listening to the exciting and promising intro, I felt even hungrier on my search for good material and “Reboot the System” broke over me like a rock or call it whatever you want. This power, this theme, together with this somehow futuristic-sounding programmed drums, the striking riffs and the voice of Dennis Kare Andersson (Kill the Kong) made me stand rigidly in my apartment for that thrashy 3 minutes and 48 seconds of my life, in the interim paralysis and excitement of it I started to feel the energy of this song more and more and couldn’t hold back a few times to loosen my head to vibrate properly.
This system has to be rebooted. How many times did I think that during political discussions with my drunk friends or family members in excessive nights. This tells me that Mattias lives, like us, in actual times where political and ethical correctness is far away from what we have promised us for our future. Love this track already.

“Drenched in my Fears”, sung by singers Rasmus Weström and Mike Andersson, is a harmonic Melodic Death mix with outstanding pushing parts that finishes slowly off at the second half and also slows me a bit down without knowing about that crushing final Mattias has prepared together with Markus Kristoffersson (Offensive Ground) for us.

“Iniquity” instantly hit me hard, that dirty screams of Markus accompanied by shredding riffs, packing me a bit to a blackened side of Reboot the System,
that surpisely gives me another insight of Mattias’ imaginations of his own taste. Technically speaking, I love it, amazing how good those programmed drums are working with Mattias’ riffs and serving me a promising sight for the future of Reboot the System. My fellow author Roman said that he felt a strong Black Dahlia Murder vibe on this last track.

I hope that Mattias will go on and bring us much more stuff after his demo, cause im sure after hearing this demo some of you guys really want to hear him/them live on stage! Keep it coming!


8 / 10

Favorite Tracks:

“Reboot the System” – what a thrashy grenade, just love it completly!

“Iniquity” – love that shredding riffs combined with Markus’ shouts!

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