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Vile Justice – Demo (Recommendation)

Band: Vile Justice
Album: Demo
Genre: Crossover Hardcore
Country: Slovakia
Release Date: 13th of June, 2020
Released via: Self-released
Cover Artwork: © Vile Justice

If you are into underground crossover hardcore and have known since SMRT RAZUMA how genius this genre can sound in the Eastern Bloc, you should immediately take a look at the Slovakian demo VILE JUSTICE, which has recently been digitally released.

Musically the combo moves somewhere between LOWEST CREATURE, ENFORCED and some BLIND AUTHORITY. The partly oi-based, dull but not blunt sounding vocals bark out of their souls in every song and make the sound absolutely authentic and at the same time really dirty. The riffing is solid and very powerful, but could use a little more variety in the future, maybe in the form of more melody or solo parts. However, the instrumentals are generally quite strong for a demo and suggest that the band members have been active in other projects before or are still doing so. Who knows, it doesn’t matter, because this demo is convincing from the beginning to the end, it’s really entertaining and, especially thanks to the cymbal-heavy drumming, it raises a lot of dust.

No matter if you like mosh, stomp or side-to-side, VILE JUSTICE satisfy all wishes you can have for a crossover hardcore record. For their first output, the production was also very well done. The songs thunder neatly mixed out of the speakers and sound neither too smooth nor too mangy and in my opinion they found the perfect balance to express their music.

If you’ve had a bad day and want to unleash your energy by shadowboxing, the demo of VILE JUSTICE is just the thing for you. With this record, the Slovaks show that high-quality crossover doesn’t always have to come from the countries known for it, such as the USA or England, to ignite. This is definitely a demo that you should have heard as a genre fan this year.

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