Hardcore, Punk

God Mother – Sinneseld (Recommendation)

God Mother - Sinneseld
Band:God Mother
Genre:Hardcore, Punk
Release Date:10th of May, 2024
Released viaSelf-released

“Without music, life would be an error”, Nietzsche said something like this and it couldn’t be more right. Music is needed all the time, every time. People curate playlists for every occasion: holidays, weddings, travelling and the list could go on forever. Armed with tension arcs and a detailed dramaturgy life gets a significant boost of quality in those situations. Those aforementioned situations have in common that they last several days or weeks. But what about your walk to the car or the one-item-shopping-spree? Don’t fret, God Mother got you covered.

God Mother, world’s leading Severance-meme users, are back with 7 minutes of energizing Hardcore. This may not sound like much, but believe me, 7 minutes are enough for God Mother to quick-charge any tired body or soul. Like a handful of caffeine-pills truckers use to stay awake.

God Mother adjusted their sound a little for Sinneseld. The chaotic Hardcore is still there but this time around Punk and Rock are thrown into the mix and make this release the easiest to digest. The first single “Big Things Coming” will have you humming for weeks, while “Spellcraft” sounds like Converge and the opener “Huddinge Blues” channels Disfear.

God Mother maintain their set quality-level with Sinneseld. They righteously earned their Waffle-Party or 5-minute Defiant Jazz Music-Dance-Experience .

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