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Angel Morgue – In the Morgue of Angels (Recommendation)

Band: Angel Morgue
Album: In the Morgue of Angels
Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Release Date: 7th of August, 2020
Released via: Redefining Darkness Records
Cover Artwork: © Redefining Darkness Records

Early in the morning, after lying awake all night and feeling frustrated, I came across Angel Morgue. The nasty Old School Death Metal these Americans hammer throughout their 8 songs on their debut album In the Morgue of Angels came in handy and really hit the spot.

After a self-titled EP, this longplayer only marks the second record in the still young vita for the 2017-founded band from Manchester, New Hampshire. Nevertheless, Angel Morgue have no consideration for losses, they take everything apart and shoot at it as if it was their umpteenth album. Thanks to a rather high-quality production, In the Morgue of Angels also seems to be extremely massive, but not too smooth, so that the 90s sound is captured and reproduced authentically.

It doesn’t really matter which Old School Death Metal band you like the most, because In the Morgue of Angels packs a little bit of everything and delivers a very versatile and absolutely satisfying record that every genre fan will like.
It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in angry blasting á la Immolation or rotting gloomy atmosphere like for example Morbid Angel. The band from New Hampshire ignites an absolute firework here, consisting of wonderful songwriting in which also stomping Death / Doom parts are not missed out and generally exciting tempo changes are presented.

The sound is simply mercilessly nasty, which is mainly characterized by disgustingly sounding growls and nasty, viscous riffing. But the icing on the cake of the different songs is the drums, which on the one hand seem to be very massive and give a brilliant performance, but on the other hand they also come up with a very smooth snare. This snare really pops – especially in the blastparts . Apart from that the drumming feels permanently intimidating, as if you had shaken the slap tree again.

Angel Morgue will release the album on August 7th as CD on Redefining Darkness Records. Considering the quality of In the Morgue of Angels, a vinyl release cannot be excluded.

With In the Morgue of Angels, Angel Morgue deliver a strong, really beautiful and grumpy debut album that musically not only beats everything to pieces, it rolls everything flat and pisses all over it. It is also extremely well-balanced. This is exactly how pure 90’s worship Death Metal has to sound like nowadays!

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