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Mr.Kill – The Day Of Reckoning (Recommendation)

Artist: Mr.Kill
Album: The Day Of Reckoning
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Australia
Release Date: 31st of July, 2020
Released via Black-Roos Entertainment
Cover Artwork © Black-Roos Entertainment

Mr. Kill is not only the name of this Australian band, but also the main-character in their songs. “The Day Of Reckoning” is the debut EP with 4 songs framed by an intro as well as an outro, and a total playtime of roundabout 26 minutes, 24 minutes, if you just take the regular songs.

So we have a very clear and modern production, which fits right to the music. After the intro, Track 2 “Annihilation” starts with a nice repeating guitar-lick and a drum-intro. Justin K‘s vocals come along with the right amount of aggression, dirt, and spit. My right foot is moving, my head is moving, yepp, this one works.

“Hatred” starts with an similar beginning like the first track. Riff, Drums, Vocals. This one comes along slightly thrashier. I hope you like guitar pinched harmonics, Mr. Kill seems to like them, they are everywhere. “Valiant Amusement” is an easy, accessible track, with clear parts and melodies and no big surprises.

“Oblivion” starts with some, I guess computer-generated, female choir. Mid-Tempo parts, thrashy parts and some blasts take turns, a break with some more choir. The build-up, the choir, all together make this song quite epic. I like it.

So in my opinion it’s a good debut EP that you can lend an ear.

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