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Stillbirth – Revive the Throne (Recommendation)

Band: Stillbirth
Album: Revive the Throne
Genre: Slam, Death-Metal
Country: Germany
Release Date: 7th of August, 2020
Released via: Unique Leader Records
Cover Artwork: © Unique Leader Records, 2020

The German slam death combo Stillbirth is back at it with their newest album Revive the Throne. Before I get into the sound, I want to mention the artwork. It’s fitting to the theme of the record and gives you so much to find in the Roman colosseum displayed in it.

It opens up just as you would expect from a record of this genre: hard-hitting songs right from the start. Driven by aggressive drums that really push between the slamparts that instantly makes you wanna go for a dance.

The riffs divert enough between fast and slow to undermine the energy fueled by the drums to give you a nice groove with the right amount of technicality in it that keeps things interesting.

The vocals switch between gutturals, screams and squeals to avoid a monotonous sound and they have the right amount of aggressiveness to create a sound that kicks you through the whole album.

That whole mixture creates a hard hitting wall of sound with enough variety that the half of an hour of good hammering slam doesn’t get boring.

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