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Tulkas – The Beginning of the End (Review)

Band: Tulkas
Album: The Beginning of the End
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 28th of August, 2020
Released via Noble Demon Records
Cover Artwork: © Noble Demon Records, 2020

Honestly, I played this EP 10 times or more in a row and it’s still blasting through mym playlist all day! It‘s a pure delicious feast and already gives me an incredibly great alltime-sound-feeling to my ears.

Noble Demon Records shoots and hits the mark of time. They came, saw and made the deal. TULKAS will most probably reach for the olymp of headliners in Thrash like Havok, Warbringer and Onslaught.

With Noble Demon Records, I expect a great future for Tulkas and I see a perfect foundation to build up their own pillar among the great names of new Thrash Metal. With that 10 years experience and 2 really smashing studio-albums they took the step into the spotlight and got attention at the larget festivals in México and even more at Wacken Open Air. Now equipped with Noble Demon Records as support and perfect conditions to produce really high quality new age Thrash Metal that will bring us even more neck pain in the future.

The first track “O.G.C. (Outsider God Creation)” begins with the bombastic bass of Memo and the two guitarists José and Edgar are colliding thus creating a firework of a pure high quality Thrash Metal! Those shreddy riffs, together with Javier´s incredibly strong voice is so groovy, powerful and combined with these gang shouts immediately create an energetic feeling. This quality strongly reminds me of Havok‘s last album “V” but with their personal style they made this a new, unique and fresh Thrash masterpiece!

The intro of “Devastation By Greed” is a pure machinegun and the amazing build-up of tension till Javier shouts:” Destroying is my goal…” is a perfect example how strong Thrash Metal has evolved and still holds its own roots in an honourable way, every new age thrasher knows this is the shit that we want. Damn, Noble Demon Records proves very good taste and really did everything right with TULKAS. Thank you for this!

Dude, this powerful time bomb of a track is blasting your ears away like a
grenade made of pure riffs, blasting drums, strong gangshouts (Javier’s voice is amazing, I love his lyrical style!) and not to forget Memo’s bassplay is really groovy and amazingly strong gripping. “Extinction” again reminds me of Brandon Bruce‘s work of Havok‘s latest album “V“. This track will remain on my Thrash Metal classics playlist for a long, long time.

Beginning Of The End” is another brutal, shreddy, groovy and thrashy masterpiece straight from Mexico. This community has gained so much momentum in the last years and I have to say that it’s a really positive progress, I feel every vibe, the strength and the fresh energy Javier’s voice and shoutings delivers. The band works perfectly together and the production fits perfectly and skillfully hits its targets!

Thank you, TULKAS! Taking one of my favourite songs (and guitar solo) in “Shortest Straw” off Metallica’s 1988 Album “… And Justice for All” was a fantastic idea to cover! The implementation was very successful and I felt the same energy as when I first heard Metallica sitting in my cousin’s rehearsal room. good memories are awakened and the nostalgic approach went down very well forme. Perfect final! Bombastic EP!

Tulkas, Noble Demon Records, Thrash, what an amazing collab! We can’t await till Tulkas will bomb us again with their thrashy weaponry! Greetings to Mexico!

9 / 10

Favorite Tracks:
“O.G.C.” – already in my personal top 10! What a bomb!
“Devastation by Greed” – blasted me away! Pure Thrash!

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